Ways to Work with Online Travel Agencies
If you’re in the hotel industry, there's a good chance your property is working with online travel agencies (OTAs). These companies’ websites are often among the first places people check when looking for lodging. And while working with OTAs gives your property visibility, the 15-30% commission fees can cut into your profits.
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It has become clear that the way people travel is changing. It is important to learn about the new travel groups and emerging trends so you can best market and appeal to your evolving customers. Each group has its own goals, and a solid understanding will help you create and curate a more effective marketing plan and experience.
We are all aware that times are changing, and hotel owners need to focus even more on the health and safety of their employees and guests. Ensuring your property has the necessary measures and tools in place to protect staff and customers is critical.
Missy LeBelle, the general manager at the High Point Inn, talks about the change she has seen in the hotel industry over the last 16 years, and ways her business has stayed relevant.

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