What Kind of Inventory Should You Complete
As January approaches, many retail businesses start thinking about completing their physical inventory. The benefits of completing such a process are well documented and include everything from documenting your shortage to resetting your on-hand counts. With the benefits known, the question is not whether you should complete an inventory. Instead, it is the best way to complete it
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One important thing to think about next time you're evaluating your store is your shrink reduction plan. Many retail businesses complete a full inventory in January, so they know exactly how the year went and what was missing. Using that information to adjust your shrink plan is a great strategy.
Customer satisfaction means everything in the grocery store environment, and your customers' safety is tied directly to their overall shopping experience. Operating a grocery store safely means dealing with risks that are unique to that specific type of business and its operating processes. It is very important to have a plan and be proactive when managing these risks.
Over the last few years, the popularity of CBD products has grown exponentially. It is now sold in numerous forms and locations—even grocery stories and gas stations are carrying it. But how do you know if it is safe? And what legal factors do you need to consider when deciding if you should sell it?

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