Insurance for auto repair shops

Acuity provides the insurance you need, so you can focus on operating your business and keeping your customers vehicles running smoothly.

Insurance for auto repair shops

Coverages built with auto repair shops in mind.

Acuity’s Businessowners Policy – Bis-Pak®

Bis-Pak® is the easiest way to insure smaller businesses. The broad coverage insures buildings, contents, and liability with business income included automatically—all in one simple policy.

Property Coverage Details

From building and contents coverage to loss of income and full replacement coverage, Acuity property insurance provides broad coverage for your property’s needs.

Commercial auto insurance

Does your business rely on vehicles to get work done? When an employee is involved in an auto accident our commercial auto insurance protects your business. Acuity would love to keep you working and on the road.

Workers' Compensation

No business owner wants to see his or her employees get injured on the job. Rest assured that with Acuity’s workers’ compensation insurance, when an injury does occur, we will take care of your employee by getting them the help they need so they can get back to work.

Specialized Coverages 

Mechanics' errors & omissions liability

This endorsement includes broad form products coverage, coverage for your work, and coverage for any negligent act, error, or omission that occurs during the course of your auto repair shop operations. 


Garagekeeper's insurance

Your business always has other people’s vehicles in your possession, so, you need this coverage to protect you in the event that a vehicle in your possession is damaged. 


Coverage for your work

During a routine tire and brake change, your employee overtightens the parts, causing damage. Your average base insurance will most likely exclude damages that occur from work you perform. By adding coverage for Property damage to your work - garage operations, you would be covered up to the scheduled limit. 

Broad form products coverage

This form can help provide coverage for property damage to your product.  


Limited pollution coverage

Should there be a loss causing environmental damage, this coverage could help protect against financial consequences. 


Hired and nonowned auto

You are driving customers’ vehicles constantly. Should there be a loss while you are driving, this coverage could offer protection. 

Water backup and sump overflow

This coverage may help safeguard your building investment in the event of a costly water loss.  


Employee dishonesty

As an employer, you try your best to hire good people.  However, there is always the chance one of your employees is facing a difficult situation and can not resist temptation.  This coverage protects you against loss from dishonest acts committed by an employee, whether identified or not, and acting alone or in partnership with other people. 


Portable tools or employee tools coverage

Your shop is broken into, and employees' tools that are used in your business are stolen. Coverage for this incident would require an employee tools coverage form. 

We see you as a partner.

The Acuity Difference

Why thousands of auto shop owners trust us

Loss Control Professionals

Once an injury occurs, it is too late to assess what should have been done. We staff highly trained loss control professionals with manufacturing backgrounds who work directly with you to help improve safety and prevent accidents.

Acuity Nurse Helpline

The Acuity Nurse Helpline is a 24/7 service for workers with nonemergency injuries. It can reduce your workers’ compensation expenses and is free to everyone who has a workers’ compensation policy with Acuity.


Have questions? We have answers.

Auto repair is a focus for us, so we have a specialized businessowners policy for auto repair shops and coverages tailored to the unique needs you face. We also have dedicated loss control professionals who are able to help your business stay safe. Finally, we have an internal team of people dedicated to staying on top of the automotive industry. We’ve got your back!

Both! We have the coverages and expertise to fit both the larger and smaller shops, along with any in between!

We’ve been in business over 90 years. Acuity started out as Mutual Auto Insurance Company of the Town of Herman in 1925. Over the years, our name has changed, but we remain a mutual insurance company whose focus is serving our customers.


Get answers from our insurance experts.
Recently, with the increase in inflation, issues with the global automobile part supply chain, and the current state of the used car market, Acuity reached out to local automotive repair facilities asking if they could share their firsthand knowledge regarding the climate of today’s auto repair market.
The National Insurance Crime Bureau, NICB, counted just 3,969 reports of stolen catalytic converters in 2019, more than 17,000 in 2020, and more than 52,000 last year. One could speculate that there is a connection with the pandemic and recent inflation. The NICB offers several prevention tips, including parking in a secure area, installing motion sensor lights in the front of your home, and installing an anti-theft device for the catalytic converter on the vehicle.
Many small and independent auto repair shops are experiencing training and resource barriers when it come to the latest trends in electric and hybrid vehicles. However, the future is electric vehicles. With more automakers making commitments to increase production of electric and hybrid vehicles, repair shops must be prepared to remain successful.

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