Employment-Related Practices Liability Insurance

Our employment-related practices liability insurance protects you against claims made by employees alleging wrongful acts you commit as an employer, backed by the strength, stability, and expertise of Acuity.

Acuity Employment-Related Practices Liability Insurance

With ever-changing laws and regulations regarding employment practices, businesses of all sizes face employment practices risk.  Employment-related practices liability insurance, also known as ERPL, is available to protect you against these employment-related claims and suits.


Employment-Related Practices Liability Insurance

You need employment practices liability insurance. It protects you if you are sued for damages and pays your defense for claims arising out of wrongful employment acts such as harassment and wrongful termination. Acuity provides the coverage features you need with claims professionals who specialize in this coverage.


What makes us different?

Because Acuity understands your business is unique, we offer access to the tools you need to determine your employment-related practices liability risk. If you purchase your ERPL from Acuity, you will have access to helpful risk management tools, model handbooks and forms, and a news center.  If employment liability is keeping you up at night, coverage from Acuity will help you sleep like a baby. 


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The limit of insurance applies to defense expenses as well as damages you must pay.

Acuity offers a wide range of limits to meet your needs. We offer limits from $10,000 to $1,000,000. Your agent can help you determine the amount that is best for you.

EmployerProtection.Net is a useful resource for employment-related policies and practices. The site provides suggested  workplace rules and prohibitions, sample employment applications and performance reviews, as well as web training modules to help you.

Once you've purchased employment practices coverage, you just need to log in to acuity.com, go to the customer care section, and click on EmployerProtection.Net.