Electronic Medical Billing

Acuity partners with CorVel to process medical bills electronically.

Medical provider information


Acuity Payor ID Number: ACU99
Acuity Clearinghouse/Payor Services Vendor: CorVel

Contact: Christy M.
Phone: 1.612.436.2520 / 1.877.703.4240

Fax: 866.450.9388

Email CorVel: stmn_clearinghouse@corvel.com


Medical bills and records submission

Mail to:

Acuity Insurance
P O Box 815
Pewaukee, WI 53072


For Nevada medical providers

Fax:  725.228.4299


Questions on actual bill review services/reductions?

Contact: CorVel Bill Review Customer Service at
Phone: 1.612.436.2428
E-mail: mn_billreview@corvel.com