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What does umbrella insurance cover?

An Umbrella policy extends the personal liability coverage provided by your auto, homeowners, motorcycle, boats, and other personal insurance policies. It also provides additional coverages the other policies do not – giving you additional peace of mind.

Financial assets protection

Having an umbrella insurance policy means you don’t have to worry about severe claims or lawsuits. If a claim or lawsuit were to go beyond your home or auto limits, your personal umbrella liability insurance would kick in to cover these costs -protecting your bank accounts, investments, and retirement savings.


High limits

Umbrella insurance begins where your other policies end, providing an additional layer of protection over your homeowners, auto, and other liability insurance. If you have a loss greater than the limits on those policies, umbrella insurance is there to pay.


Broader coverage

Personal umbrella coverages pay some losses not covered by your current policies, like your liability when traveling abroad, doing charity work or renting watercraft, as well as libel and slander.


Legal defense coverage

The costs of legal defense can be staggering and must be paid even if you win a lawsuit. Personal umbrella policies cover these fees and don’t count them toward your personal umbrella limit of insurance.


Package value

Add personal umbrella insurance to an Acuity Road and Residence® or Per-Pak® package policy to bundle your insurance together and get the most protection for you and your wallet.


Why do I need an umbrella policy?

For more information on umbrella insurance and why you need this extra protection, see our article Understanding Umbrella Insurance, written by one of our insurance experts. 

Save up to 20%

Add umbrella coverage

Combine an umbrella policy with a package policy to get the best value.


Umbrella or Excess Liability Coverage

Watch this quick video to learn more about excess liability coverage.


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Maybe not. You have a lot to lose. The more you own, the more you can lose if someone sues you. In addition to an extra layer of coverage, a personal umbrella policy provides peace of mind.

Once you’ve exhausted the limits on your auto, home, or other policies, your personal umbrella policy will kick in.

Yes, both your auto and homeowners coverage must be with Acuity, and they must have certain minimum limits. 

We offer personal umbrella limits from 1 million up to 10 million.

Our passion is our customers and it shows.
Our passion is our customers and it shows.


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