Acuity’s Businessowners Policy – Bis-Pak®

Acuity’s B.O.P. or business owner policy is called Bis-Pak®. It’s the easiest way to get the insurance your business needs.You can tailor the coverage to your individual business from our wide-range of optional coverages. With Bis-Pak ®you can focus on your business operations, without worrying about your insurance.


You expect your business insurance to protect your building and contents in the event of a fire, windstorm, or theft. But did you know that with Bis-Pak® coverage, Acuity automatically provides business income coverage for a covered loss?  This means that we will pay some of your continuing expenses and income while your business is being repaired.



Another key area of protection involves lawsuits.  Whether you are sued because someone slipped on a freshly mopped floor or a product you manufactured caused injury to a child, Acuity Bis-Pak® protects you.


What makes us different?

Acuity automatically adds several coverages to the standard industry businessowners policy at no charge. Here are two quick examples. The total we will pay for liability applies separately to each location as well as to each project, so you get extra protection when you need it.  We also include $10,000 ordinance or law coverage, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected reconstruction expenses because of changes in local laws or rules.


Acuity Bis-Pak® optional coverages

  • Bis-Pak®  property enhancements is  our best value. It protects your property with a bundle of coverages at a significantly discounted price.  You get more than 30 enhanced coverages, ranging from an increased ordinance or law limit to additional coverages such as theft of money or securities. 

  • Bis-Pak ® liability enhancements helps protect your business from a wide range of loss scenarios and costs at a discounted price.  You get over a dozen enhanced coverages, from employee benefits liability insurance to an automatic waiver of subrogation for written contracts that helps you comply with contracts you may have with others.

  • Bis-Pak® full building replacement cost helps protect you by determining the cost to reconstruct your building in advance of a loss, guaranteeing you have building limits high enough for the loss.

  • Additional insured. Acuity offers an extensive portfolio of additional insured endorsements to meet the requirements of the contracts you have to sign to run your business. You can choose either specified coverage or automatic status endorsements.

  • Employment practices liability insurance(EPLI). Your life gets more complicated when you have employees. Employment law is very complex, and you have to be careful to avoid doing something wrong. EPLI insurance covers wrongful acts arising from the employment process.

  • Contractors’ E & O. Even seasoned veterans sometimes make mistakes. This important insurance pays to correct your work Enhance your protection with this valuable coverage.

  • Manufacturers’ E & O. Instead of you being liable for damage due to faulty products, we pay to correct your products and help make sure your reputation stays as spotless as it was before.


There are more items and coverages that set Acuity apart. For more information, contact your agent.

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    • Like many industries, construction has changed quite a bit in the past 10 to 15 years. I remember the industry 40 years ago, when I started in it, and it looks nothing like the construction of today. When I talk to contractors who have been in the construction industry as long as I have, we end up reminiscing about how the industry was when we first began. There seems to be a connection as we share with each other how we used to do things—things that this generation today will never experience.
    • As a small business owner, you know that health insurance-related costs are a big concern. But while you know healthcare is expensive, you also know that keeping your employees healthy is important to their happiness and your bottom line. As more jobs shift to an office setting, sitting is now being referred to as the new smoking. Therefore, your office building is in a unique position to get employees more active.
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    Have questions? We have answers.

    Sometimes you are asked to provide additional insured coverage to a business because of an agreement you have with them. They are asking for this because it gives them additional rights.

    Special endorsements or policies are required to provide coverage for any professional liability lawsuits you may face.

    Equipment breakdown coverage protects refrigeration, air conditioning, electrical, communication, computer, and other systems due to electrical or mechanical breakdown.

    Yes. Bis-Pak® automatically insures computers for the additional electrical and mechanical breakdown exposures they face wherever they are located.