Service business insurance

Acuity provides the insurance you need, so you can focus on operating your business and keeping your customers happy.

Insurance for your service business

Coverages built with service businesses in mind.

Acuity’s Businessowners Policy – Bis-Pak®

Bis-Pak® is the easiest way to insure smaller businesses. The broad coverage insures buildings, contents, and liability with business income included automatically—all in one simple policy.

Property Coverage Details

From building and contents coverage to loss of income and full replacement coverage, Acuity property insurance provides broad coverage for your property’s needs.

Commercial auto insurance

Does your business rely on vehicles to get work done? When an employee is involved in an auto accident our commercial auto insurance protects your business. Acuity would love to keep you working and on the road.

Workers' Compensation

No business owner wants to see his or her employees get injured on the job. Rest assured that with Acuity’s workers’ compensation insurance, when an injury does occur, we will take care of your employee by getting them the help they need so they can get back to work.

Specialized Coverages 

Business interruption

Your business is your livelihood. In the unfortunate event that a loss leads to temporary closure of your hotel or motel, we will help cover your loss of income while we help you get back on your feet. 


Cyber liability coverage

As a service business, you probably store customer data electronically.  What would happen if this data was attacked? Acuity will provide coverage to assist you in restoring the data, covering the loss of business because of the attack, and for public relations services to assist you in communicating the attack to your customers. 


Employee dishonesty

As an employer, you try your best to hire good people.  However, there is always the chance a bad apple sneaks in. This coverage protects you against loss from dishonest acts committed by an employee. 

Bailee coverage

If your business involves the temporary possession of someone else’s property (such as cleaning or repairing it), you need this coverage to protect you if the property is damaged or destroyed. 


Professional liability coverage

As a provider of a service to customers, sometimes things go wrong.  When a service doesn’t turn out as a customer expected, they may hold you or your company liable.  You need coverage to protect yourself and your business when these situations arise. Professional liability insurance covers the legal fees, judgements, and settlements that can result when things don’t go as planned. Acuity covers professional liability for barbers and beauticians, funeral directors, and veterinarians. 



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The Acuity Difference

Why thousands of businesses trust us

Loss Control Professionals

Once an injury occurs, it is too late to assess what should have been done. We staff highly trained loss control professionals with manufacturing backgrounds who work directly with you to help improve safety and prevent accidents.

Acuity Nurse Helpline

The Acuity Nurse Helpline is a 24/7 service for workers with nonemergency injuries. It can reduce your workers’ compensation expenses and is free to everyone who has a workers’ compensation policy with Acuity.

Services Associations

Acuity is active in many leading national and regional services associations. We provide industry-specific training to all our underwriters, loss control representatives, and claims adjusters, so they can give you the support you need and deserve.


Have questions? We have answers.

We insure a variety of service businesses. Some examples include automotive repair shops, barbers and beauty shops, laundromats and dry cleaners, maintenance businesses, and printers.  Check with your insurance agent to find out if we insure your type of service business!

We are members of many associations throughout the country. We stay current on service industry news by attending events and learning about topics that are important to the industry.


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