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Insurance for Contractors

Let us focus on your insurance so you can focus on construction.
Let us focus on your insurance so you can focus on construction.
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We would be proud to insure your business, so you can focus on what matters most to you. We have specialists who know your business because we put our heart into protecting it. ******
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Coverages built with contractors in mind.

Contractors’ equipment

Your equipment is your livelihood. Contractors’ equipment provides protection for equipment, small tools, and borrowed equipment when you are on the job. You can also add business income coverage, which protects you against the income you may lose resulting from damaged or lost equipment.

Contractors’ errors and omissions

Even the most seasoned veterans can make mistakes. Instead of being legally responsible for damage, we will pay for the work that you have done incorrectly. Ensure your reputation stays intact by protecting yourself with this valuable coverage.

Additional insured

A contractor or owner of a project may request to be added to your policy as an additional insured. Acuity offers an extensive portfolio of additional insured endorsements to meet the requests of the contracts you sign.

Voluntary property damage

Accidents can happen! Voluntary property damage insurance covers you for accidental damage you may cause to a customer’s property you are working on but was left in your care or control at the job or work site.


This coverage focuses on smaller jobs such as remodeling projects. It also pays for materials at your construction site as well as in transit.

Builders risk

This coverage is an easy one to understand. It protects the buildings you have under construction and it pays for materials at your construction site or in transit.

John Lack is Acuity’s in-house construction consultant. John has loads of experience to share, with over 35 years in the industry—as a carpenter, a business owner, and many other roles along the way.

The Acuity Difference

Loss control professionals

We care deeply about our insureds, their businesses, and their customers. We staff highly trained loss control professionals who work directly with you to help improve safety, prevent accidents, and protect your most valuable assets—your employees.

Acuity Nurse Helpline

The Acuity Nurse Helpline is a 24/7 service for workers with nonemergency injuries. It can reduce your workers’ compensation expenses and is free to everyone who has a workers’ compensation policy with Acuity.

Construction contract help

Do complex contracts have your head spinning? Our expert agents can help with most of your questions. However, if the issue needs further legal review, we offer access to a network of attorneys specializing in construction contracts.

Safety materials

Our online educational materials, including videos, loss prevention articles, tool box talks, and much more, are available anytime, anywhere, and will help your business with sustainable growth.

OSHA 10-hour training

Acuity’s OSHA 10-hour training is offered at no cost to our insureds and taught by authorized trainers at locations throughout our operating territory.

Contractor video playlist

Our YouTube channel has up-to-date and interesting information to keep you informed. Get access to helpful videos regarding basic insurance knowledge, trends in the construction industry, and more.


Get answers from our insurance experts.
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We insure all kinds of contractors, including everything from steelwork and wallpapering to framing and road building! 

Both—and everything in between! We have the expertise and coverages to adequately insure large construction firms, yet we understand the market demands of small operations. We write thousands of contractors of all sizes.

You can easily get a certificate of insurance from your independent insurance agent or online through our website 24/7!

We started out as Mutual Auto Insurance Company of the Town of Herman in 1925 and have been insuring contractors for over 40 years!