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Start your quote below, or call us at 833-242-5600. For all other inquiries call 800-242-7666.
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We would be proud to insure your business so you can focus on what matters most to you. We have specialists who know your business because we put our heart into protecting it. ******
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We want the claim process to be a calming one. We provide you with a single point of contact who can focus on what you need. So, when a claim comes in, you know we're here for you. *****


You've got it, we'll cover it.

At Acuity, the difference is our people. Our knowledgeable, experienced associates provide value by partnering with your business. We believe in sharing not only our safety knowledge, but other information that we hope you will find useful.


Contractors insurance

We insure contractors of all types, including specialized artisan contractors, general contractors, and street and road contractors. Our construction specialist has spent over 25 years working in construction and is here to help.

Wholesaler and distributor insurance

Our wholesale insurance combines property and liability coverages into one convenient package and offers to tailor the program to meet your needs and protect your business against loss.

Trucking insurance

We insure most truckers hauling general commodities. Take the time to learn more about our trucking specialist, and get the help you need to stay compliant with federal regulations with our Motor Carrier Toolbox.

Manufacturing insurance

Whether you’re manufacturing metal goods, concrete products, wood products, plastic goods, or food processing, we can provide insurance for you. Our manufacturing specialist has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing and knowledge he’s eager to share.

Insurance for retailers

Our Bis-Pak® retail insurance policy combines property and liability coverages into one convenient insurance form. Additional coverage options give you the flexibility and power to tailor the program to meet your needs and protect your business against loss.

Restaurant insurance

Whether you own a coffee shop or a franchised restaurant, anything from fast casual to fine dining, Acuity can help with coverages designed to meet your unique needs.

Insurance for the services industry

Acuity provides the insurance you need, so you can focus on operating your business and keeping your customers happy.

Insurance for apartments, condos, and rental properties

Acuity offers all the coverages you need, including ordinance or law coverage and condominium directors’ and officers’ coverage.

Insurance for offices

Office buildings are home for many businesses, including accountants, lawyers, and doctors. Look to Acuity to insure your office building, whether you own it or rent it to others.

Insurance for auto repair shops

Insurance from Acuity is so much more than a piece of paper and a promise. We are specialists who know your business because we are wholeheartedly for you™.

Hotel and motel insurance

Hotels and motels play a key role in travel whether it is for business, pleasure, or both. You can look to Acuity to find the hospitality industry coverages you need.


General liability

Many businesses operate for years without being sued. But if you are sued, the payments requested by the attorneys can be catastrophic. Let Acuity protect you from these lawsuits.

Commercial auto

Whether you call it commercial automobile, business automobile, truckers’ insurance, or motor carrier insurance, Acuity has all the coverages you need for your vehicles.

Workers' compensation

All workers’ compensation policies pay the required benefits to injured workers. The Acuity difference is what we do in addition to paying these benefits.


From building and contents coverage to loss of income and full replacement coverage, Acuity property insurance provides broad coverage for your property’s needs.

Acuity’s businessowners policy – Bis-Pak®

Bis-Pak® is the easiest way to insure smaller businesses. The broad coverage insures buildings, contents, and liability with business income included automatically—all in one simple policy.

Excess liability

An Acuity excess liability protects you with high limits of insurance and fits on top of the protection you have with your auto, liability, and employers’ liability coverage.

Cyber suite

Cyber crime is one of the fastest-growing types of crime in the world. Every business of every size now faces cyber risk. Make sure you’re protected with Acuity.


Get answers from our insurance experts.
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Our passion is our customers and it shows.
Our passion is our customers and it shows.


"With Acuity, whether it's something as simple as a windshield claim or a more complex workman's compensation claim, they completely handle it-- allowing me to focus on our business."


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