Growing my business
Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
You’ve created a website for your business and built a presence on social media—now what? Here are some tips for creating a digital marketing strategy that will drive customers to you online.
Marketing On A Budget
Many small businesses don’t have the resources to allocate a large portion of their budget to marketing. But that doesn’t mean you need to forgo it altogether. Marketing is essential to the growth and success of a business, and it's important to budget and plan for it.
Small businesses need to continually evolve their marketing strategies to appeal to new generations of customers. The newest generation is Gen Z. Born beginning in the mid-1990s and estimated to be 2.5 million strong, this is a critical customer segment for businesses of all sizes to target.
Being on social media is no longer an option for businesses. Customers expect to interact with businesses on social media platforms, and if you’re not there, they will go elsewhere. Here are some tips for using social media marketing effectively.
Regardless of your career, communication skills are important. However, in the real estate industry, excellent communication is a critical factor in helping you stand out from the rest. Read on for some quick tips to improve communication.

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