Creating a safe environment in my business

A Security Checklist for Your Hotel Business
Security issues such as violent attacks and harassment toward your employees or guests, theft and robbery within your facility, and cyberattacks can negatively affect your hotel with consequences that extend well beyond the actual incident. With so many different options for travelers, a hotel’s reputation must remain pristine to attract guests during such a competitive time in the market. Establishing a security program can help you maintain a safe and secure property.
Tips for Fostering a Safe Office Work Environment
Working in an office setting sometimes gives a false sense of safety and security. While an office may not have the heavy machinery of a manufacturing plant or employees working from heights as in construction, a general office setting still has risks. This article will outline some of the risks and what you can do to mitigate the effects of these risks in your office.
Finding and maintaining quality staff isn't always easy for hotels and motels, and it is becoming even more challenging as employee expectations for work-life balance, compensation, and employee benefits evolve. Though economy and mid-level hotels can’t always compete with larger hotel chains, that doesn’t mean they can’t offer a desirable workplace.
If you have been in the trucking industry for a while, you understand that proper tire care is critical to the operation of your truck. Though tires are costly, easily preventable tire failure can result in significant downtime and headaches far beyond the cost of the tires themselves. In my conversations with motor carriers, maintenance managers are usually aware of DOT tire identification numbers. However, there are drivers and others in the industry who are unfamiliar with the markings but could benefit from the information.
Understanding soil structure and settlement has always been a critical component of excavation. Without it, problems such as settling and cracking of the foundation, slabs, stoops, and sidewalks can manifest months or years later.

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