Creating a safe environment in my business

10 Things To Do To Create a Safer Environment In Your Construction Business
At Acuity, we care about the contracting industry. We believe you are the foundation of the communities where you live and work. You build our homes and workplaces. We feel safe and secure because of you, but we also know there are risks related to this industry. We are here to help control your risks and keep you and your employees safe and healthy.
Tips for Fostering a Safe Office Work Environment
Working in an office setting sometimes gives a false sense of safety and security. While an office may not have the heavy machinery of a manufacturing plant or employees working from heights as in construction, a general office setting still has risks. This article will outline some of the risks and what you can do to mitigate the effects of these risks in your office.
Having safe employees and a safe environment for customers can save business owners money, time, and stress. It is easiest when a safety culture is consistently promoted. Acuity makes it easy with our own safety resources, our experienced loss control staff, and our partnership with JJ Keller to provide professionally produced safety videos.
Though telematic technology has come a long way, there is nothing that can compare to a conscientious, safe driver. With today’s modern conveniences, texting and similar activities require visual, manual, and cognitive attention, making them a concerning driver distraction. Studies have shown that drivers who text look away from the road about 4.6 seconds. At 55 miles per hour, a vehicle will travel more than the distance of a football field during that time. When you think about the crowded traffic on many roadways, that is startling!
Ensuring your insurance policy is up to date with the proper coverages and limits is always important, but especially during storm season. So, before severe weather hits your area, here are four things to consider when reviewing your commercial property insurance policy.

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