Retaining my employees

6 Tips to Recruit and Retain Retail Employees
Many retailers are struggling to recruit and retain employees. In the webinar “How to Find, Keep, and Motivate Employees Today” from the Food Marketing Institute, Harold Lloyd, president of H. Lloyds and Associates, Inc., shared tips to make your store appealing to potential and current employees.
5 Tips That Can Help Ensure Your Employees Love Working For You
The success of a business often depends on its employees, and this is especially true in the retail and restaurant industries. Employees are the key to the environment and service that is provided with the products sold.
During my lean training, one of the instructors made a statement about training that has stuck with me all these years. He explained that there are two kinds of training—one directly improves an employee's skills for the job or task they do, and the other is development training that increases their overall skills, teamwork, leadership, and such.
The holiday season is coming up fast! As we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas, your employees will likely want to take time off from work to spend with their families. Do you have a plan that keeps your production at needed levels during this holiday season?
The way companies and businesses are recruiting has changed tremendously over the last year. Instead of performing on-site interviews and job shadows, many companies are doing everything virtually. Once the interviews are completed and an offer has been accepted by the new employee, the company needs to have a plan in place for virtual onboarding. If your company is unsure what needs to be done to be successful, check out the tips below.

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