Interview With Thomas Zoehrer on Artificial Intelligence: What Is Computer Vision?
We talked to Thomas Zoehrer about the future of computer vision in manufacturing and how it will shape the industry for years to come. Thomas is the CEO and Co-Founder or - a company focusing on computer vision and advanced analytics to support continuous improvement in manufacturing and warehousing. He considers himself as a hybrid, holding an engineering degree as well as a master's degree in economics and loves to "connect" technology and business requirements.
In our recent survey asking what you’d like to see covered in this column, many agents asked us to discuss social engineering. Social engineering is a catch-all term for different types of cybercrime and is based on the natural human inclination to trust other people. There are several types of social engineering.
The third part in a three-part series with Staubli Robotics on how robotics is affecting the food processing industry.
As cyberattacks on small businesses continue to increase, it is more important than ever to understand how your business could be impacted by an attack and how cyber coverage could respond. Illustrating the risks of cyberattacks with real claim scenarios may help.
In part three, we are focusing on immediate actions your small manufacturing business can use to take a modern approach to energy.
In part two of this three-part series, we partnered with Michael Lewis, Senior Client Advisor for APPI Energy, to highlight how the usage of energy in manufacturing is shifting.

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