4 Tips for Home Heating Safety
As cooler air rolls in, many of us turn on our furnaces or other heat sources to keep warm. While some turn on heat at the first dip of the thermometer, others choose to bundle up until they cannot take it anymore! Regardless of your approach to cold weather, we all need to be aware of the dangers and safe practices of the heat sources in our homes.
Preparing for winter weather means getting out the winter gear, including warm clothing, blankets, and kitty litter—for your car, of course! Here are some items that can help you prevent or deal with a winter emergency while on the road.
Acuity’s Services Customer Team met again with real estate expert Peter Haase, owner of Keller Williams in Sheboygan, WI, to talk about how he is handling the changes that have come along with the COVID-19 pandemic.
You can easily be lured into a false sense of security when receiving a phishing email. These emails often contain familiar logos and headers or come from what seems to be a familiar contact, all with the end goal of trying to trick you into clicking a bad link or convincing you to enter information that could compromise your identity. Here are 10 tips to avoid getting hooked.
Our roads and highways are filled with construction vehicles transporting materials and equipment. And at times, we have all seen debris along roadways, which can be evidence of improper load securement and could lead to devastating consequences
The home-buying process can be difficult and sometimes stressful, but there is one thing we hope to help keep it from being—confusing! While we have covered the home-buying process at a high level previously, we wanted to dig deeper into the home inspection step.

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