What to Know Before an Accident Occurs
Accidents happen, but they shouldn’t take away your livelihood. It‘s important to understand that a claim could evolve into a lawsuit, even if you’re not at fault. We want to help protect you by sharing some lawsuit mitigation strategies.
Fatigue is an issue nearly every driver faces at one point or another, especially when their role requires driving for long periods. Having a plan in place to help identify and prevent fatigue is essential as it allows for safer travel. While drivers may recognize their level of fatigue, some common in.
For some jobs, reviewing the forecast a day or two before is fine. Other times, it is important to keep a constant eye on the weather. Let’s look at a few different scenarios.
The type of safety helmets worn on job sites is changing. Instead of the traditional construction hard hat, some construction workers are utilizing a helmet with a chin strap—like a mountain climber helmet. Outwardly, these safety helmets are sleeker, have less of a brim, and include a chin strap. On the inside, they have more padding and fit tighter to the head.
Risk management can be difficult because you need to consider the risks in all aspects of your business. Fortunately, if you are an Acuity customer, you don’t have to do this alone as our team of loss control and industry consultants can help guide you.
With the national truck driver shortage, volatile freight rates, and high input costs, it is no surprise that some trucking companies are operating at less than capacity. This can result in company owners or owner-operators reducing the size of their active fleet by sidelining vehicles. However, there are risks associated with parking vehicles for extended periods of time.

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