Tips to Keep your Property Showings Safe
The safety of your clients and potential clients is always top of mind when showing properties, but it is especially important during a pandemic. Working in an industry where showing properties is vital to business, you are facing unique challenges. However, there are ways to show properties while keeping yourself and your clients safe.
Business as usual means something very different these days, and that will likely continue to evolve. Many people are referring to what comes next as the new normal and some are calling it the next normal. I prefer the latter, as I think normal will be a moving target for quite some time.
Construction sites have always been a target for thieves. With the demand for quality construction tools and equipment, it can be easy for opportunistic thieves to break in and quickly sell stolen goods.
There are more large trucks on the road delivering essential items and goods to our homes and businesses than ever before. Being mindful that a large truck operates differently than our cars helps keep our roads safer for everyone.
Whether you are preparing to bring your employees back to the workplace, have already done so, or are adopting a hybrid approach, it is important to consider the concerns and uncertainties that your workforce might be experiencing.
It does not matter how large or small a construction project is, ensuring a jobsite is properly managed is critical not only of the success of the outcome, but it is crucial for how a contractor is viewed by their client. Here are five tips to help you efficiently manage your jobsite.

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