23 Safety Tips for Real Estate Agents
Being in the real estate business does pose a few unique risks that not all other industries will have. Here are some safety tips you can use to protect yourself in your day-to-day dealings.
Having a plan for how you’ll secure a tow following a vehicle breakdown or disablement can help prevent the likelihood of a headache later. Consider these best practices.
For an employer, return-to-work programs help retain skilled workers, improve productivity, and lower workers’ compensation premiums through lower claim costs—helping the business stay competitive and minimizing workflow disruptions.
At Acuity, we care about the contracting industry. We believe you are the foundation of the communities where you live and work. You build our homes and workplaces. We feel safe and secure because of you, but we also know there are risks related to this industry. We are here to help control your risks and keep you and your employees safe and healthy.
Having safe employees and a safe environment for customers can save business owners money, time, and stress. It is easiest when a safety culture is consistently promoted. Acuity makes it easy with our own safety resources, our experienced loss control staff, and our partnership with JJ Keller to provide professionally produced safety videos.
Hiring and retaining quality truck drivers is challenging in today’s economy, but it is more important than ever. Studies on nuclear verdicts—verdicts exceeding $10 million—have shown that adhering to safety and operational policies is essential to staying out of court and avoiding liability in the event of an accident. To protect your business, make sure drivers are properly qualified and trained and that files are maintained in accordance with regulations.

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