Business Management

Crisis Communication Strategies for Your Small Business
When you think about protecting your business, physical protection like a building and nonphysical protection like insurance probably come to mind. However, another important way to protect your business is with communication. When the unexpected occurs, crisis communication can help preserve your business in several ways.
DDMRP (demand-driven material requirements planning) is here to stay. It is a lean manufacturing method that aids in the systematic removal of waste from the manufacturing value stream.
Creating a comprehensive workforce strategy is necessary for many reasons. Not only does it establish a foundation on which to build a company’s vision, but it also increases the likelihood of faster, bolder, and more innovative ideas and results.
Companies started looking to have better control of costs, improve customer service, reduce delivery times, and create a better supply chain. Reshoring jobs back to the U.S. has become a key strategy.
Some of us like to think that business can still be accomplished with a handshake agreement, and that may be true for some industries and individuals. However, in the construction industry, establishing rights, rules, responsibilities, and recourse in a written contract is essential.
As a real estate agent, you have your hands full. From cultivating new clients and staying abreast of homes on the market to embracing the latest trends in creating desirable offers, your work can be endless.

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