Business Management
5 Why's of Problem Solving
There are many ways to go about problem solving, especially in a business setting. But one method that has proven effective in manufacturing is the 5 Whys. It is a problem-solving tool that is used to dig deep and explore the cause-and-effect relationships underlying a problem. The goal is to identify the root cause of the problem, so you can resolve the issue rather than implementing a solution to a symptom or an effect.
Now that you have finished your basic fishbone diagram, your cross-functional team needs to be create a specific problem statement that everyone understands and can agree on in order to work toward a solution that will eliminate the root cause of the problem.
Problems can occur in manufacturing. Some problems are larger than others. Some reoccur, and others arise only once. Regardless of frequency, is important to understand what causes these problems so they can be eliminated.
To identify and solve root cause, we need to ask as many “whys” as we can. This is where the fishbone diagram comes in and helps us to ask “why” until we have identified all potential causes and determined the root cause.
If you have ever built the same type of building more than once, the second was probably easier and more profitable than the first. You likely reviewed and examined the first project to find ways to be more efficient, such as identifying building methods to save labor and material costs and considering when to hire subcontractors rather than self-performing work. Scheduling becomes more accurate and efficient from this learning experience.
Many of us view the final month of the year as a time to reflect on our personal accomplishments and set goals we would like to achieve in the year ahead. For a small business owner, it is also a great time to reflect on your business accomplishments and prepare your business and your team for a successful new year.

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