Business Management

6 Tips for Recruiting Employees for Your Hotel
The hospitality industry has faced immeasurable changes in the last year. Fortunately, hotels are beginning to see regrowth. However, with this opportunity comes challenges, as many displaced hospitality workers have moved on to other fields.
Managing an understaffed business has become a common issue that many businesses are forced to deal with. As you work toward filling your open positions, you must continue to operate your business the best you can.
When the leaves start to fall, one thing is sure—it is almost winter. And depending on your location, weather can certainly increase project costs and affect scheduling. Knowing the weather can take a turn for the worse at any time, it is important to take advantage of every nice day.
Apprenticeship programs are becoming more popular as industries are having a hard time finding and hiring skilled workers. Starting an apprenticeship program is an opportunity to train talent for your company and advance your own business at the same time. The key to a successful program is implementing the core of the program correctly.
Many small and independent auto repair shops are experiencing training and resource barriers when it come to the latest trends in electric and hybrid vehicles. However, the future is electric vehicles. With more automakers making commitments to increase production of electric and hybrid vehicles, repair shops must be prepared to remain successful.
The labor shortage is one of the biggest challenges that contractors are facing today—and it is not just a labor shortage, but a shortage of skilled labor. This problem can result in having to turn down work, postponing projects, challenges in completing projects, overworked employees, quality control issues, and increased costs for the company.

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