8 Best Practices for Cybersecurity in Your Small Business
Most cyberattacks in the news are in the news because they’ve hit a big company. This leaves small businesses with a false sense of security, but the reality is that small businesses are just as much a target as larger companies. If you have any presence on the Internet, you could be a target.
95% customer claims satisfaction

We want the claim process to be a calming one. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. So, when a claim comes in, we'll put your mind at ease and make sure you know we're here for you.
At Patterson & Associates, the signs of success are everywhere—literally. You’ll find a Success Wall, a Collaboration Wall in the “Create Room,” a Teamwork Wall, and a Guts and Glory Wall that provide words of inspiration and set constant reminders of what it takes to succeed in the insurance industry.
Trucking clients of Brooker Insurance can count on service from Jessica Gilmore that’s a step above.
In the insurance industry, it’s rare to see an agency celebrate a century of service. However, the Hickok & Boardman Insurance Group has achieved a feat even more remarkable, marking its 200th year in business in 2021.

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