Automation Provides Opportunities for Skilled Workers
Before I discuss automation benefits, let me clarify that I understand automation will change and eliminate jobs in all industry segments. Those jobs are held by people who take pride in what they do. Those jobs pay the bills, allowing people to raise their families and make a living. And now automation is threatening some of those jobs. It's not surprising that people fear automation.
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As the manufacturing industry currently goes through a large skills gap, we are looking for ways to help fill that gap. Through our partnership with GPSeD we are looking to promote manufacturing to high school students so they can be involved in the field early to increase their skills.
Earlier this year our manufacturing team sponsored a high school student that was looking to go into the manufacturing field. Through GPSeD he was able to have an internship at a manufacturing company to learn more about his future career. We are proud to help bridge the current skills gap through this partnership!
To bring awareness to this year's Safety Month, we spoke to Gwen, one of our Loss Control Representatives, about what she frequently sees during his loss control visits and how companies can address these safety concerns.

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