Creating a LEAN business

The Difference Between Prefab and Modular Construction
Prefab construction has been used in the industry for many years and, with the increasing popularity of modular construction, let's clarify the differences between the two.
Tips to Help Turn Your Business Turn Lean
For many manufacturing companies, technology seems to help with improvements in a variety of areas, including quality, on-time delivery, reduction in part costs, and much more. However, technology can only get you so far. If you do not embrace lean manufacturing practices, you will never reap the full benefits of the technology or systems you are implementing. In short, lean manufacturing is as relevant today as it was when it first came into manufacturing.
DDMRP (demand-driven material requirements planning) is here to stay. It is a lean manufacturing method that aids in the systematic removal of waste from the manufacturing value stream.
As manufacturing has evolved, we sometimes see a gap between what is happening on the shop floor and what the front office thinks is happening. Gemba can help you become more efficient by providing a clearer understanding of your operations. But, where do you start?
Lean manufacturing is something nearly everyone in the industry talks about and strives to achieve. Lean manufacturing is a method of identifying and eliminating waste to improve the manufacturing process and give customers only what they are willing to pay for. Before we discuss ideas for reducing or eliminating waste, let's identify the types of waste.

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