5 Tips to Manage Your Job Site
It doesn't matter how large or small a construction project is—a properly managed job site is critical to the success of the project and how the contractor is viewed by their client. Like a smooth-running V8 engine or a symphony orchestra, a smooth-running and successful project has many components, such as skilled labor, equipment, materials and, at times, unique creativity.
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Job-site camaraderie can be an enjoyable part of working in construction. It promotes a sense of fellowship and can lead to long-lasting friendships. And when people work together, they can accomplish much more.
Prefab construction has been used in the industry for many years and, with the increasing popularity of modular construction, I want to clarify the difference between the two.
Construction sites have always been a target for thieves. With the demand for quality construction tools and equipment, it can be easy for opportunistic thieves to break in and quickly sell stolen goods.

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