5 Tips to Manage Your Job Site
It doesn't matter how large or small a construction project is—a properly managed job site is critical to the success of the project and how the contractor is viewed by their client. Like a smooth-running V8 engine or a symphony orchestra, a smooth-running and successful project has many components, such as skilled labor, equipment, materials and, at times, unique creativity.
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Understanding soil structure and settlement has always been a critical component of excavation. Without it, problems such as settling and cracking of the foundation, slabs, stoops, and sidewalks can manifest months or years later.
Have you ever wondered about the origin of terms like inch, foot, and yard? Measurements have played a major role in history. Ancient civilizations used measurements as a valuable frame of reference to build, create, and trade. And many of the foundational principles of basic measurements are still used today.
There are several reasons for the high prices, including inventory shortages, manufacturing issues, supply chain disruptions, wildfires, tariffs, and the strong demand for materials. And worst of all, no one knows how long this will last. But one thing is sure—contractors must be on top of their game to keep their businesses moving forward.

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