Tips to Have Successful Roadside Inspections
In my role helping motor carriers with their needs, I often find myself in conversations about struggles with roadside inspections. When I ask how these inspections affect their business operations, things like insurance, customers, brokers, and driver recruitment/retention don't always make their lists, but they are all impacted.
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Julie Preder, the Executive Director of Mental Health of America - Sheboygan County, joined us to talk about the importance of mental health in the transportation industry.
To bring awareness to this year's Safety Month, we spoke to Larry, one of our Loss Control Representatives, about what he frequently sees during his loss control visits and how companies can address these safety concerns.
Motor carriers successfully realizing positive return on investment are achieving this through an understanding and implementation of management controls in successfully guiding their operations. Although no two motor carriers are alike, there are basic common truths that facilitate efficient and safe operations in the trucking industry.

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