Tips to Have Successful Roadside Inspections
In my role helping motor carriers with their needs, I often find myself in conversations about struggles with roadside inspections. When I ask how these inspections affect their business operations, things like insurance, customers, brokers, and driver recruitment/retention don't always make their lists, but they are all impacted.
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Working in the trucking industry can be a rewarding career filled with many unique experiences and opportunities. However, not everyone is cut out for it. Whether working through challenges of road conditions, load issues, equipment, weather, or personal issues, having a great support network back home can make all the difference.
Accidents can be extremely stressful. Here are some tips to keep in mind that can help you protect yourself and make the accident scene and claim process easier.
If you have been in the trucking industry for a while, you understand that proper tire care is critical to the operation of your truck. Though tires are costly, easily preventable tire failure can result in significant downtime and headaches far beyond the cost of the tires themselves. In my conversations with motor carriers, maintenance managers are usually aware of DOT tire identification numbers. However, there are drivers and others in the industry who are unfamiliar with the markings but could benefit from the information.

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