Tips to Have Successful Roadside Inspections
In my role helping motor carriers with their needs, I often find myself in conversations about struggles with roadside inspections. When I ask how these inspections affect their business operations, things like insurance, customers, brokers, and driver recruitment/retention don't always make their lists, but they are all impacted.
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For many people in the country, trucking would appear to be a straightforward process: load from the shippers and transport to the receivers. However, most of the approximately 7.4 million people employed by the trucking industry know a lot more is involved. Very few trucking operations are alike, though many share similar characteristics.
As we approach spring and active growing season in many areas, you may be starting to think about how to get your landscape in top shape. Whether you are putting in a new yard or patching thin or dry spots, there are a few things you can do to give your grass the best chance of growing.
Understanding your fuel program is very important to capitalize on pricing trends and prepare for the future. A tractor operating 110,000 miles per year, with fuel economy of 5.5 mpg, uses 20,000 gallons of diesel annually. Each one-cent savings in the cost of a gallon of fuel represents a $200 savings per year per tractor.

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