Update on FDA's Proposed Traceability Rule
On September 23, 2020, the FDA proposed a new Food Traceability Rule that would establish additional traceability recordkeeping for those who manufacture, process, pack, or hold foods that are included in the Food Traceability List (FTL). The proposed rule would impact retail food establishments, distributors, restaurants, and meal-kit delivery services. The goal of the rule is to mitigate foodborne illness outbreaks.
The current manufacturing workforce is different than prior generations. We sat down with Steve from Andres Machine Service to find out why.
Over four years ago, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) finalized changes to the Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods and dietary supplements to include updated scientific information. And now, the compliance date is nearing for many food manufacturers.
Over the last few years, the popularity of CBD products has grown exponentially. It is now sold in numerous forms and locations—even grocery stories and gas stations are carrying it. But how do you know if it is safe? And what legal factors do you need to consider when deciding if you should sell it?
The topic of marijuana in the workplace is of interest for businesses as more states pass laws allowing its recreational use. Contractors, safety directors, and HR departments are looking for information to stay ahead of the curve in updating their company policies and protecting their business and employees.
If you feel like you’ve been hearing about overtime changes for years, you’re not wrong. When the changes were first introduced under the Obama administration in 2016, they were hotly debated. In September of this year, the Department of Labor (DOL) announced the final rule, which splits the difference between the proposed 2016 regulation and the existing rule.

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