Personal Property Insurance

We’re guessing you have a lot of stuff around your house—probably more than you realize. If it was damaged, would you want to replace it? If so, personal property insurance is for you.

What is personal property coverage?

Personal property coverage, commonly referred to in insurance lingo as “Coverage C” or “contents coverage,” protects the stuff you own. Your property is protected no matter where it is—your home, your apartment, or even on vacation.

 Personal property coverage protects things like:

  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Sports equipment


How does personal property coverage work?

Acuity’s home, condo, and renters insurance policies include personal property coverage. Your possessions are protected against certain causes, or perils, like fire, theft, or water discharged from pipes or appliances. Personal property coverage will pay to help repair or replace items damaged by covered perils.  There may be a deductible, or a portion for you to pay, and your insurance company will pay the rest.


The amount of personal property coverage is based on the type of property insurance you have:


Homeowners insurance policy:

For home insurance, the amount of coverage is usually based on the replacement value of your home. This is typically 50% of your dwelling coverage (Coverage A).


As an example, if your policy's dwelling limit is $250,000, your personal property insurance coverage would be $125,000.


Renters and condo insurance policy:

For renters and condo insurance, you select the personal property limit based on your estimate of what it would cost to replace all your possessions.


What is personal property replacement cost coverage?

While personal property coverage will pay to help repair or replace your damaged belongings, it will only cover the current market value of the item. Adding the popular personal property replacement cost coverage to your policy means damaged belongings can be replaced with new items. That’s a new camera even if the one damaged was five years old!


Do you need more coverage?

Acuity offers several optional coverages that provide expanded personal property protection to increase the limit of personal property coverage or to insure specific types of personal property (like jewelry or art).

Talk to an agent to see if any of these additional coverages might be right for you.

  • Personal property replacement cost
  • Scheduled personal property
  • Blanket jewelry
  • And more!


Curious if you need jewelry insurance?

Your policy provides some coverage for jewelry, but you may want additional protection for higher valued items or sentimental pieces. There are a variety of jewelry insurance options to fit your needs.


Do you have valuable personal property?

Make sure your fine arts, jewelry, or other collectibles are properly protected by adding a scheduled personal property endorsement.


Do you need coverage for property used in a business?

If you have personal property that is used in a business, we offer higher limit options for those items with our business personal property coverage.


Are you ready to take the next step in insuring your personal property? Get a quote or find an agent.



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Have questions? We have answers.

Every policy is a little different. Generally, personal property insurance does not protect against wear and tear, items that are lost, or damage caused by catastrophic events like earthquake or flood.  Additional policies or coverages can be purchased to help broaden coverage.

Yes—if your kid’s permanent residence is the same one listed on your policy, their stuff is covered up to $1,000 while away at college. This limit kicks in after paying the deductible.

Yes, your belongings are covered against theft anywhere in the world, including your vehicle.

Yes, insurance coverage extends to personal property that is located somewhere other than your home.

Yes, your belongings are covered while traveling anywhere in the world. There may be limits for specific items, so check with your agent before you leave.