Securing your home

The Importance of Knowing Your Neighborhood
Whether you have just moved into the community or have lived or ran your business in the area for several years, it is important to know your neighbors and law enforcement officials in case of unexpected crime. There are multiple reasons why knowing these people is essential to protecting your home and business.
4 Tips to Protect Your Home During Spring Break
If you live in the north then these past three to four months have seemed like ages. The frigid winter has everyone looking forward to spring break. Even if you live in a warmer area of the country a nice relaxing vacation has to sound great! But what about your home? You don’t want to be stressed or worried about anything going wrong at home while you are away!
As cooler air rolls in, many of us turn on our furnaces or other heat sources to keep warm. While some turn on heat at the first dip of the thermometer, others choose to bundle up until they cannot take it anymore! Regardless of your approach to cold weather, we all need to be aware of the dangers and safe practices of the heat sources in our homes.
Have you ever wondered if you have enough coverage for your jewelry under your homeowners insurance policy? While it is important to read your policy for specifics—yes, we are suggesting you read your insurance documents—the standard policy typically has some level of coverage. However, it is important to decide if it provides enough coverage and covers a wide enough range of risks.
What is umbrella or excess liability insurance? A simple definition is that it's an insurance policy that provides coverage above and beyond your auto and home policy limits—think of it as an umbrella over the top of those other coverages.

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