Why It Is Important for Your Insurance Carrier to Be Your Auto Repair Shop's Favorite
Another year has gone by, and we continue to receive high marks from collision repair shops. According to the 2023 CRASH Network Insurer’s Report Card, Acuity is the #5 insurance company out of 87 ranked. Acuity works with auto repair professionals at repair shops to ensure your vehicle has quality repairs and provides fast payments to get the work done efficiently.
Commercial Lines Marketing Agent Becky Grove is a key component to the Doty and Hench agency’s sales success.
Headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, RSS Insurance follows a client-first philosophy. RSS Principal David Allen explains that delivering outstanding customer service starts with taking care of the agency’s own people.
ICI’s clients know they can count on Rebecca Anderson.
In years past, the prevailing wisdom among many industry pundits was that independent agents would gradually decline in importance until they became irrelevant. They predicted that, in a world that continued to evolve toward digitalization, online transactions, and customer self-service, agents simply could not survive. However, the role of independent agents is more important than ever today, and the proof is in the numbers.
Dave started in the insurance industry in 1978 as a captive agent. In 1998, with four young kids and a homemaker wife at home, he took the risk to transition his agency to become independent. As it turned out, it was the best decision he could have made—for both his clients and his family. 

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