Auto Insurance Discounts

Acuity rewards safe and responsible drivers with several ways to save on auto insurance.

Customer loyalty discounts



Save up to 20% when you have two or more policies with Acuity. Combine your auto with your home, rec vehicles, boat, or umbrella. Learn more about bundling your insurance.



Save even more when two or more vehicles in the household are insured by Acuity.


Prior insurance

As a newcomer to Acuity, we recognize the time you were insured by your previous insurance company.

Driver discounts


Good student/graduate

Full-time students who maintain a "B" average or better are eligible for this discount now and after graduation.


Accident prevention course

Taking a driver safety course may help you get car insurance discounts. Ask your agent for a list of qualifying courses and requirements.


Drivers who maintain an accident, violation, and claim-free record, could see additional savings.


Other discounts



Earn a discount when your policy premium is paid in full up front.


Vehicle technology

Vehicles with high-tech crash prevention features, such as automatic braking, rear cameras, and forward-collision warnings could save you money.

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