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Your classic car is one of a kind—that's why you need the right coverage to protect it.

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Antique and Classic Car Insurance

Get customized insurance for you antique vehicle.

What to expect from Acuity's antique car insurance.

Acuity is different than most insurance companies. We’ve been providing car insurance since 1925 so you can call us a classic too! Fueled by our top-notch customer service and world-class claims service, we are driven to protect you and your collector car.


What makes a car antique or classic?

You should consider getting antique car insurance if your car is more than 10 years old with a market value above average, or, is at least 25 years old and only driven for special events.


What does antique car insurance cover? 

Antique car insurance provides many of the same great coverages included in Acuity's auto insurance policy. Add towing and labor coverage to utilize our roadside assistance program.


Your classic vehicle policy automatically includes agreed value coverage. This means we and you agree upon the amount your car is worth upfront so there are no questions in the unfortunate event of a total loss.


How much does antique car insurance cost?

The cost of coverage varies, but you will automatically save for traveling fewer miles with your classic car. You can also benefit from other Acuity auto discounts.

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