Our culture, more than an insurance company

At Acuity, we believe that insurance is not boring! Our commitment to creating a community of employees who connect and support one another is essential to our long-term success.

A culture of belonging

We respect individuals for who they are, so they can fearlessly be themselves each day. That is what our culture is built upon. 


Flexible work opportunities 

Acuity understands our employees value flexibility. This is why we embrace a variety of work arrangements. Some employees work from home, others prefer to come into the office, and many coming to the office some days and working from home on other days. We also offer flexible scheduling so our employees can experience a healthy work-life integration. 


Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) 

Our commitment to DEIB is a natural part of Acuity’s culture. We fiercely live this out in interactions with our employees, agents, customers, and communities. 


Acuity culture exchange  

Acuity celebrates different cultures throughout the year to as a means to educate and connect employees. Our goal is to expand cultural awareness through open communication, observation, and listening. 

A culture of growth 

At Acuity, we believe that learning never stops. We encourage a growth mindset to share new ideas, adapt to change, and explore new horizons. In doing so, Acuity continuously adapts to the ever-changing world.


Growth for employees  

We are known for our commitment to talent development, providing opportunities for continuing education and career training, which means you can start, nurture, and fulfill your career here.   


Growth for agents  

Acuity is committed to being a strong partner for our agency force, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a company that offers more for agents than we do. From our free continuing education (CE) that delivers agents over 50,000 credits each year to our innovative Acuity Love Rewards program, our support for agents is simply unsurpassed in the industry. 


Growth for customers  

While customers turn to us for insurance coverage, we pride ourselves in offering more. For businesses, we have consultants on staff who worked in the industries we serve to help them overcome challenges faced in their industry. Our consultants are a free resource as part of your policy. 


We also provide a variety of educational resources and tips and tricks to all our customers as part of our newsletters and website. 

A culture of service

We deliver on our mission and vision through Acuity’s four service hearts. 



Showing a strong adherence to values such as fairness, respectfulness, and inclusion. 



Sincere interaction that offers comfort and validation to others. 



Providing prompt, accurate, and trustworthy service. 



A relentless and creative commitment to reach our fullest potential. 

A culture of values 

At Acuity, our core values represent who we are. 

  • Developing and empowering others  

  • Acting with integrity   

  • Having fun  

  • Driving excellence 

  • Innovating  

  • Working as a team 

  • Having open communication  

  • Respecting and trusting others

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