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Manufacturing Association Memberships—More Important Than Ever
Here at Acuity, we believe this so much that our manufacturing team belongs to more than 15 local and national organizations. This allows us to hear and see things that we would not otherwise be aware of.
There is no doubt that recent times have altered supply chains for retailers. Listed below are a few things to consider as you manage the next normal in retail.
We have all heard about the struggles auto and computer makers are experiencing as the chip shortage continues to impact them. And the shortage is impacting many other industries as well.
Understanding soil structure and settlement has always been a critical component of excavation. Without it, problems such as settling and cracking of the foundation, slabs, stoops, and sidewalks can manifest months or years later.
It can be hard to stay positive during difficult times—especially this past year. A session at the CLM’s 2021 Workers’ Compensation and Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality Conference truly brought this to light. “Bouncing Forward – Recovering from the Emotional Trauma of COVID-19” was an inspiring session that focused on the importance of employer and employee mental health during the pandemic.
There are several reasons for the high prices, including inventory shortages, manufacturing issues, supply chain disruptions, wildfires, tariffs, and the strong demand for materials. And worst of all, no one knows how long this will last. But one thing is sure—contractors must be on top of their game to keep their businesses moving forward.

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