Interview with Staubli: Obstacles Facing Food Processing and Robotics
The third part in a three-part series with Staubli Robotics on how robotics is affecting the food processing industry.
The Services Customer Team at Acuity talked with Sue Black, Office Manager at Dean’s Auto Body, Inc. in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, to learn how their business has been adjusting during the pandemic and how they plan to handle business going forward. Read on to find out.
There are many secondary benefits that come with fuel savings programs, not only for the motor carriers but for the drivers as well!
Cliff, sat down with Leo Naumann, president of Jeff Foster Trucking, to discuss the state of the industry and Leo’s history in trucking.
Cliff, sat down with Neal Kedzie, the president of the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association, for a conversation around the state of the industry and a few trucking stories.
Acuity Insurance’s trucking specialist, Cliff Johnson, sat down with Ellen Voie, the Founder and President of Women in Trucking.

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