Acuity Cyber Suite

Ensure your data assets are covered.

of small companies have experienced at least one data breach
And companies often spend up to $100,000 to cover all the costs associated with a data breach, according to a study done by Zogby Analytics.
of data breaches are caused by employee or contractor mistakes
Most data breaches occur because of human error (clicking bad links, weak passwords, etc.). 20% of data breaches are caused by lost or stolen devices and only 11% are caused by hacking, according to the same study.

Cyber Suite

From data breach responses to settlement expenses, Cyber Suite is a comprehensive insurance solution designed to help businesses respond to a full range of cyber incidents and is backed by the strength, stability, and business expertise of Acuity.

What's included

NEW! Misdirected payment fraud

Responds to a situation where there was a wrongful money transfer by the business or their bank. Pays for direct financial loss resulting from criminal deception.

NEW! Computer fraud

Responds to a situation where an unauthorized party gains access to a business's computer system and enters or alters data. Pays for direct financial loss.

NEW! Data Compromise Response Expenses

Provides resources needed to respond to a breach of personal information. Pays for things like forensic IT, breach notification, credit monitoring, legal counsel, etc.

Identity recovery

Provides owners of the insured's business with case management service and financial resources to recover control of their identities after an identity theft. Pays for things like legal expenses, lost wages, case management, etc.

Cyber extortion

Helps a business respond to an extortion threat. Pays for things like investigator costs and approved payments for eliminating credible ransomware.

Computer attack

Responds to a computer attack that damages data and systems. Pays for things like data restoration and system restoration costs due to attack, PR services, etc.

Network security liability

Provides defense and settlement costs in the event of a lawsuit alleging that a system security failure on the part of the insured caused damage to a third party.

Electronic media liability

Provides defense and settlement costs in the event of a lawsuit alleging that information displayed by the insured on a website caused damage to a third party.

Data compromise liability

Provides defense and settlement costs in the event of a lawsuit related to a breach of personal information.

Added benefits
Cyber Suite now provides comprehensive coverage designed to help businesses respond to a full range of cyber incidents.
  • New brochure

You no longer need to think about which coverage is right for each unique business. The new form covers a broad range of cyber-related incidents.



  • New inclusions

We're offering more cyber coverage than ever before. Cyber Suite now includes misdirected payment fraud and computer fraud.


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Yes! Our Cyber Suite offers an enhanced coverage package that includes costs to recreate your data, loss of business income, public relations services, and third-party coverage for compromise (or breach) of data affecting another business that is connected to yours.

Data compromise coverage includes data that is stored on paper such as applications to rent an apartment or employment applications.

The eRiskHub® portal gives you access to resources such as a risk assessment survey, tools to estimate the anticipated cost of a breach, a learning center with articles, white papers, and webinars, as well as a news center so you can keep up with the latest cyber news.

Once you've purchased Acuity Cyber Suite coverage, you just need to login to, go to the cyber suite resources page and look for the eRiskHub® banner. 

Q: What will happen to my current policies with Data Breach, Identity Theft, or Cyber Liability Coverage?
A: In each case, the new form will roll on to replace the existing endorsements.


Q: Do I still have access to eRiskHub?    
A: Yes, along with Acuity CyberSuite. You just need to log in, go to the cyber suite resources page, and look for the eRiskHub banner.


Q: I still have questions. Whom can I reach out to?
A: Feel free to reach out to your Acuity underwriter or territory director with additional questions! We also encourage you to send feedback regarding the new endorsement to


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