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Specialized coverages

Acuity is a highly rated commercial insurer providing the coverages your operation needs. Whether you distribute food and beverage, building materials, or textiles, we can provide workers’ compensation, general liability, property, commercial auto, cyber liability, and crime insurance coverages. We also understand each risk is unique, and we work to tailor our coverage to those unique situations, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

Workers' compensation

You rely on your workers. When accidents and injuries happen, we’ll take care of your employees by getting them the help they need so they can get back to work. Workers’ compensation also covers the employer’s liability to employees for work-related injury or disease. 


Cyber liability

As a wholesale business, you probably store customer data electronically. What would happen if this data was attacked? Acuity will provide coverage to assist you in restoring the data, covering the loss of business because of the attack, and for public relations services to assist you in communicating the attack to your customers.


Equipment breakdown

Your business operations rely on your equipment to power their processes. But equipment can be susceptible to electrical issues such as surges, arcing, and short circuits. We will make sure your equipment is protected from these concerns.


Business interruption

Your business is your livelihood. In the unfortunate event that a loss leads to temporary closure of your business, we will help cover your loss of income while we get you back on your feet.


Food spoilage and contamination

  • Food spoilage. If your business distributes perishable stock that relies on temperature or humidity control, you know how devastating a mechanical breakdown or power outage can be. We can cover your perishable stock in the event there is a mechanical breakdown or power outage.

  • Food contamination. Even with the necessary precautions and procedures in place to keep food clean, you are still at risk for contamination. Let us cover the expense to clean your equipment, replace your contaminated product, and help you restore your reputation.


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When it’s time to go home for the day, the last thing you want to do is worry about the security of your business. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet that will completely eliminate every risk your business is exposed to during non-business hours.
There is no doubt that small business owners are busy people. Your business takes up nearly every free minute and the tasks never seem to end. During the holiday season, all of this gets magnified, and it can become more difficult to manage.
There are only so many hours in a day, so to attain this balance, you will need to be strategic and create free time away from your business. Achieving work-life balance can be a challenge, but there are some things you can do to help make it more attainable.


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