Specialized Coverages

Along with all the coverages you’d expect, we offer a suite of additional coverages catered to you in the apartment, condo, and rental property business, like coverage for lost rental income, directors’ and officers’ liability, and full building coverage.

Directors' and officers' liability - condominium or cooperative 

You and your directors and officers work hard to keep your operation running smoothly. With this coverage, we can protect you from claims resulting from their service as directors or officers so they can focus on keeping your business running in tip-top shape.


Water backup and sump overflow coverage

Water can cause substantial damage to your property – and it can cost you a pretty penny to fix it. Protect your property by adding this coverage for losses caused by water backup or overflow from a sump.



Full building coverage

With replacement cost and actual cash value, a building limit will appear on your policy and your insurance company will not pay more than that limit to rebuild your building. With full building coverage, there is no building limit, meaning that we will pay to have your building rebuilt to exactly how it was before the loss - no matter the price.


Business interruption coverage

Your business is your livelihood. In the unfortunate event that a loss leads to temporary closure of your property, we will help cover your loss of income while we help you get back on your feet. Rental income coverage is automatically included in our businessowners (Bis-Pak) plan, and it is an option in a package plan.


Ordinance or law

A claim causing damage to your building is bad enough. Adding insult to injury, your building could be found inadequate according to current city, state, or federal ordinances when it’s time to rebuild. The standard property form does not cover some of the costs of rebuilding, such as increased construction costs to bring the building up to current code. Adding ordinance or law coverage can pay for these extra charges.


Equipment breakdown coverage

You rely on your equipment to keep your property running smoothly. Let us make sure you’re covered if it breaks down. This coverage will not only pay for loss to your equipment, but also loss of income.


Employee dishonesty

As an employer, you try your best to hire good people.  However, there is always the chance one of your employees is facing a difficult situation and can not resist temptation.  This coverage protects you against loss from dishonest acts committed by an employee, whether identified or not, and acting alone or in partnership with other people. 

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Over time, the laws and ordinances regarding buildings change. This means that, if you have a loss, you could be required to make updates to your building if it does not meet current laws or ordinances. These updates can cost more than just rebuilding or repairing the building to how it was before the loss. The standard property form will not pay for the increased cost of construction required by these laws, which is where ordinance or law coverage can help.

The majority of water-related losses are not covered through the standard property form offered by most carriers. However, through the water and sewer backup coverage endorsement, we can provide coverage losses caused by sewer backup (water backed up through sewers or drains) or water that overflows from a sump.

You bet! Both our businessowners (Bis-Pak) and basic commercial property forms can provide coverage for an outdoor sign. Our Bis-Pak program automatically offers $10,000 of outdoor sign coverage, and our basic commercial property form automatically offers $5,000 of coverage. Higher limits are available as well.

Yes, it is true. If a fire starts while grilling on a wooden deck or balcony, the fire can easily spread to the rest of the building. In fact, a study by the National Fire Protection Association found that half of both gas and charcoal grill structure fires begin on a balcony or deck! Beyond the building itself, items like furniture, drapes, and even low-hanging branches can cause a small fire to grow in a short period of time. Safety information specific to grills on decks can be found in the Safety Materials section of this website.