Here at Acuity, we understand the challenges you face as a contractor. Our in-house construction consultant's focus is on helping you overcome those challenges and find success in your industry.


Meet John, our construction consultant


I bring over 35 years of construction industry experience to Acuity, including carpentry, welding, project management, contract negotiation, and much more. I also founded my own commercial general contracting firm specializing in building grocery stores.


Over the years, I’ve worked closely with architects, civil engineers, and developers. I’ve found it instrumental to build solid relationships with all involved in the construction project, including insurance companies. I want to help contractors better understand insurance and help Acuity offer products and services that meet contractors’ unique needs. With my background and close connection to the industry, I feel that I can be a valuable resource for our customers and help make sure they have a better insurance experience.


At Acuity, we care about your business and give you the tools to succeed.
Support for more than just your insurance, Acuity has content to help you manage your business. Keep up on the latest updates in construction technology! Learn ways to create a safe business environment.


Construction questions for John?

I’m helping to revolutionize the relationship between contractor and insurance company so both understand each other and can accomplish tasks together as a team.

There is no substitute for experience. Having worked as a carpenter all the way up to a business owner gives me a unique perspective of all aspects of construction. Teaching Acuity’s employees the processes of a construction company helps them better understand contractors, more accurately assess risk, and ensure they have the proper coverages and products to best serve the industry.

Many tradesmen start their own business because they are very skilled and confident in their abilities. On the business side, finding a good construction attorney to review your business practice can eliminate many problems. Let the attorney know how much money you can allocate to get started. Then,  set aside some funds for a business review each year. Get help managing the office if needed. Look for any weaknesses in your company and find the best person to put in that position.

To make Acuity the “go-to” insurance company for contractors—a place where employees, agents, and our insured contractors can continue to be educated on the industry. Understanding the processes and the heart of construction in simple ways can show we know more about the industry than simply writing policies.


We know contractors. Our knowledge at your fingertips.

Construction contract help

Do complex contracts have your head spinning? Our expert agents can help with most of your questions. However, if the issue needs further legal review, we offer access to a network of attorneys specializing in construction contracts.

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Our YouTube channel has up-to-date and interesting information to keep you informed. Get access to helpful videos regarding basic insurance knowledge, trends in the construction industry, and more.

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Our online educational materials, including videos, loss prevention articles, tool box talks, and much more, are available anytime, anywhere, and will help your business with sustainable growth.

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