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Specialized coverages

Along with all the coverages you’d expect: general liability, garagekeeper’s insurance, workers’ compensation, and excess liability, we offer additional coverages that cater to your auto repair business.

Garagekeeper's insurance

Your business always has other people’s vehicles in your possession, so, you need this coverage to protect you in the event that a vehicle in your possession is damaged.


Coverage of your work

This coverage could kick in if a loss happened due to work you performed.


Limited pollution coverage

Should there be a loss causing environmental damage, this coverage could help protect against financial consequences.


Hired and nonowned auto

You are driving customer’s vehicles constantly. Should there be a loss while you are driving, this coverage could offer protection.

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    • Whether you like to think about it or not, there is a lot that can go wrong when running a small business, especially one as involved as a car care shop. Working on your customers’ vehicles gives you enough to worry about—you don’t need the added stress of wondering if your insurance would cover your loss in the event of a claim.
    • According to Acuity’s internal data, fire is one of the most common claims for auto repair shops. Unfortunately, fire also causes some of the most expensive claims. Protecting your shop against fire is a great place to start when looking to reduce the likelihood of a major claim in your shop.
    • If your shop is in an area with hard winters, you know how tough the cold temperatures and salt can be on vehicles. This weather and all that comes with it can take a toll on all parts of an automobile, from windshield wipers to tires and brakes.

    • Paige N.
      Author of Services & Retail Focus

    • Paige N.
      Author of Services & Retail Focus

    • Paige N.
      Author of Services & Retail Focus