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Specialized coverages

Along with all the coverages you’d expect: general liability, garagekeeper’s insurance, workers’ compensation, and excess liability, we offer additional coverages that cater to your auto repair business.

Garagekeeper's insurance

Your business always has other people’s vehicles in your possession, so, you need this coverage to protect you in the event that a vehicle in your possession is damaged.


Coverage of your work

This coverage could kick in if a loss happened due to work you performed.


Limited pollution coverage

Should there be a loss causing environmental damage, this coverage could help protect against financial consequences.


Hired and nonowned auto

You are driving customer’s vehicles constantly. Should there be a loss while you are driving, this coverage could offer protection.

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    • Auto repair technicians and shop employees work with dangerous tools, chemicals, and machinery, which can put them at greater risk for accidents and injuries, potentially leading to negative effects for the business and employees. Listed below are some practical steps to follow to mitigate accidents.
    • Think back to when you purchased your first tools as a mechanic—they were really expensive! Knowing how much money you put into those tools, you want to make sure they are adequately covered should something happen to them.
    • No matter what type of business you run, customer experience is extremely important. One bad experience can lead to the loss of not only that customer, but potentially anyone the customer tells of the bad experience.

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    • Paige N.
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