Updates to Acuity Enhancements

Our Bis-Pak® Enhancements now provide more coverages and higher limits!


Acuity's Bis-Pak enhancements for property and liability offer multiple tiers, providing flexibility to customize coverage according to your customers' specific business needs. This approach allows you to select the appropriate level of coverage and benefits that best suit each client's unique requirements, ensuring comprehensive protection and peace of mind.


The forms include three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum (Property only).



  • Silver is included automatically at no additional premium on all policies.
  • Available in both Bis-Pak Liability and Property.
    • Forms numbers are:
      • CB-7455 Acuity Liability Enhancements Silver
      • CB-7437 Acuity Property Enhancements Silver



  • Available in both Bis-Pak Liability and Property.
  • Enhanced coverage option available for an additional premium.
    • Forms numbers are:
      • CB-7456 Acuity Liability Enhancements Gold
      • CB-7457 Acuity Liability  Enhancements Gold (CO, IL, and UT)
      • CB-7439 Acuity Property Enhancements Gold



  • Enhanced tier level with even more benefits.
  • Available in Bis-Pak Property for an additional premium.
    • Forms numbers are:
      • CB-7440 Acuity Property Enhancements Platinum


Added benefits

The combination of new enhancement tiers and added coverages provides more comprehensive coverage at a competitive price.


Premium impact

More coverages with higher limits minimize the need to add more endorsements individually at an extra premium.



More coverage options allow you to find the right fit for your customers.



Regardless of their size or industry, these new tiers will benefit all commercial customers.

Bis-Pak® Enhancements

See our brochures for tier details!


Have questions? We have answers.

The Property Deductible shown in the Declarations applies unless otherwise stated in the Bis-Pak Property Enhancement endorsements or the Deluxe Bis-Pak Property Coverage Form.

Feel free to reach out to your Acuity underwriter or territory director with additional questions!