ACUITY is different than most insurance companies. In addition to world-class claims service, there are many ways we separate ourselves in Auto and Motorcycle.

Personal Auto Enhancements Endorsement*

Additional peace of mind for one low price!

  • Accidental Death - $10,000**
  • Total Disability - up to $10,000**
  • Medical Payments limit increased if you are wearing your seat belt at time of accident**
  • $250 to replace locks if keys are lost or stolen; a $25 deductible applies
  • Personal property damaged in covered losses - up to $500
  • Increased expenses for lodging, meals, and car rental to return home or reach original destination after a covered loss 50 or more miles away from home - up to $200
  • Cost to replace an airbag that accidently discharges

* This endorsement is not applicable to motorcycle
** Not part of endorsement in all states

Lease/Loan Payoff

Being "upside-down" on your car or motorcycle loan or lease could be financially ruinous when there is a total loss - yet many find themselves in that predicament. ACUITY can help.

  • Covers the gap that may exist between the amount owed under a lease or loan and the actual cash value of the car or motorcycle in the event of a total loss

Replacement Cost Coverage

ACUITY pioneered this coverage years ago.

  • If your car or motorcycle is totally destroyed in a covered loss, we will replace it with a brand new car or motorcycle
  • Partial losses are guaranteed to be repaired with brand new parts


  • Multi-Vehicle
  • Good Student/Graduate
  • More Vehicles Than Drivers
  • Incident Free

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This is a summary of ACUITY coverages. Contractual coverage is as stated in the policy.