Our mission & vision

Our mission  

Guided by our mission, Acuity is committed to protecting and enhancing your well-being.  


Rebuilding Shattered Lives.TM  

With highly rated claims service, our caring culture shines when you need us most. We help rebuild lives after disaster strikes, so you can focus on what you love.  


Propelled by innovation  

Acuity continues to enhance the products and services we offer and the technology we use to support you. We strive to be the easiest insurance company to do business with.  


Grounded in relationships  

At Acuity, we believe insurance is more than a product—it is a promise to protect your well-being. Acuity employees are committed to that promise and look forward to building a lasting relationship with you.  


Guided by underwriting

Acuity’s financial strength and stability are built on a tradition of sound underwriting. You can count on Acuity to be there to protect you. 

Our vision 

To be a national growth leader of innovative insurance solutions through future-ready technology and caring culture. 


A technology company inside an insurance company 

We understand technology plays a central part in our lives, and this is why we build our systems internally. Not only does this put your security first, but it allows us to customize them for the needs of our employees, agency partners, and customers. 


We lead with our heart 

Relationships are at the core of what we do. Whether we are building relationships with our employees, agency partners, or customers, we strive to do so in a way that reflects our heart-first culture. 


Fail by action not by passive fear 

Acuity chooses to succeed by action. We never want to fail due to passive fear. We embrace change as we challenge the status quo of the industry. 


Engaging in continuous strategic planning 

We stare down risk, push our boundaries, and drive innovation by positioning Acuity as the carrier of the future through our strategic planning process. 


Be national with the heart of a regional 

We believe in the opportunity and profitable growth achieved by geographic expansion, while remaining committed to the human approach that is the heart of a regional company. 

Wholeheartedly for You™

Melissa Winter | President

“Our mission drives everything that we do at Acuity. We put our heart first to take care of our employees, agency partners, and customers.”


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