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Acuity’s Annual Reports provide our yearly financial statement—and so much more. Our award-winning reports are known for creativity and innovation that set them apart from the boring brochures other companies publish.

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Our Recipe for Sustainable Success
Our 2023 Annual Report showcased Acuity’s end-of-year results while also demonstrating our long-term performance through a message of sustainability and intentionality.

We Kept Our Cool
In a year filled with turmoil, Acuity has been able to keep its cool unlike many other carriers. That made us stronger and makes you stronger too.

Our Focus is You!
Our 2021 Annual Report focused on the financial growth and stability Acuity achieved in conjunction with our incredible agency partners.

Celebrating the Acuity Hero in You!
Join the League of Acuity Heroes!

2019 Annual Report - Another Vintage Year
Our 2019 Annual Report included a custom-created journal that celebrated another year of outstanding results.

2018 Annual Report - Brick by Brick
Our 2018 Annual Report was a hands-on experience that highlighted how Acuity builds strong relationships with independent agents.

2017 Annual Report - Acuity Loves You in 2017 and Forevermore
Our 2017 Annual Report highlights how we show our love to agents and customers through unmatched service and outstanding financial strength.

2016 Annual Report - Kallyn and the Acuity Chocolate Factory
Take a look inside Acuity with a virtual-reality tour. Our latest production highlights Acuity’s amazing financial performance and outstanding work environment.
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360° Video

2015 Annual Report - Proudly Flying High with Acuity
With our number of customers served reaching new heights, Acuity was flying high in 2015, and our Annual Report celebrated this success in fitting fashion.

2014 Annual Report - Taking Care of Business
Acuity took care of business in 2014. Our award-winning Annual Report highlighted a “noteworthy” year in an engaging, illustrated style.

2013 Annual Report - The Year that Bloomed
2013 was the Year that Bloomed, and Acuity marked it by sending a dozen roses with each of our appropriately themed Annual Reports.

2012 Annual Report - Word of Mouth
We created an audiobook in 2012 to let readers hear about Acuity’s performance straight from the mouths of our executive team.
Annual Report Video
Word of Mouth

2011 Annual Report - A Sweet Year
2011 was a sweet year at Acuity. While we can’t deliver you a box of chocolates online, you can check out our candy-themed Annual Report.

2010 Annual Report - Acuity's Storybook Year
Acuity’s unique popup book celebrated a truly storybook year. The book won numerous creative awards and is part of the Smithsonian Library’s permanent collection.

2009 Annual Report - Acuity Serves Up a Delicious Report
Acuity delivered products and services to a record number of customers in 2009 and marked the achievement by serving up a delicious Annual Report.

2008 Annual Report - Acuity's World Records
2008 was a record-breaking year at Acuity, and we commemorated it in classic style with our own book of Acuity’s World Records.