Frequently Asked Questions

We know insurance can be confusing. To help you make a clear decision when it comes to selecting the right coverage, our insurance experts provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

M.A.S.H. nurse hotline

There is no enrollment procedure. Injured workers simply call the M.A.S.H triage number with an active Acuity policy number for nonemergency work-related injuries. 

There is no cost to insureds. Acuity pays for the service. 

Yes, any active Acuity Work Comp policyholder can use the program. 

The only piece of information really needed is the policy number. The triage nurse will guide the injured worker through the triage assessment. 

The nurse is not an Acuity employee. We have contracted with CorVel to provide the service. 

Yes, CorVel always sends Acuity a report of the triage call. The triage report is used to set the claim up in our system as a record only claim or a first report claim depending if treatment was sought. 

As long as the claim remains in RECORD ONLY status and the injured worker does not seek treatment, the call will not count against the experience mod. 

Depending on treatment outcomes, the use of the program may have a positive impact on policy cost. 

This depends on the recommendation by the triage nurse. If the injured worker is directed to seek medical attention for the injury, the nurse does not follow up. If the nurse recommends self care, then a follow-up call is made in 24 hours to evaluate the situation.

No, all nurses contracted through CorVel are licensed nurses who carry medical malpractice insurance.

Yes, as our insured, you will receive a Notice of Receipt of Claim by mail outlining each M.A.S.H call. 

The service is available 24/7. Acuity is notified of the call the next business day. 

Acuity’s WC Medical Reps see all M.A.S.H reports, and they determine if the claim should remain as record only or if the claim needs further attention/handling. Please be assured, all information in our files is confidential and never sold to any outside parties.