Frequently Asked Questions

We know insurance can be confusing. To help you make a clear decision when it comes to selecting the right coverage, our insurance experts provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.


If you’re involved in an auto accident, contact our claims office at 800.242.7666. You can also contact your local agent or report the claim online. When reporting a claim, please have all the pertinent information available, such as the date, time, location of the loss, and names and contact information of the parties involved.

Once the claim is reported to our claims office, you will be contacted by your assigned claims representative who will walk you through our claims process and answer any questions.  Our goal is to contact you the same business day or within 24 hours of when the loss is reported.

There are a number of factors that go into establishing rates. Your agent is the best person to ask how your rates may be affected.

Yes. However, if a lienholder or loss payee is listed for the vehicle, their name must be included on the check to protect their interest.

No you can remain anonymous. If you are comfortable providing your information, please do, so we may follow up with any questions.

There are a variety of insurance scams, but here are some to keep an eye out for.

Storm chasers. Be leery of contractors from out of town who show up at your door after a storm. Use a reputable local contractor and be sure to read and understand any contract before signing. Report the claim to us before a contractor repairs the damage.

Staged accidents. Some crooks may intentionally cause an accident and even add passengers to their vehicle after the crash. If this happens to you, please call the police to the scene of the accident. Take photos of involved vehicles and the scene. Count the number of passengers in the other vehicle and get their information.  Also, be sure to collect information from any witnesses to the accident.

Windshield claims. If you are approached unsolicited by somebody who offers to replace your windshield for free, please contact us first. We will get you connected with a reputable company that can inspect and determine if your windshield needs repair or replacement.

Towing claims. After you’re involved in an accident, a towing company shows up at the scene without anyone calling them. Take advantage of our roadside assistance network to get access to a reliable towing company that you can trust.

Workers’ Compensation claims. A coworker gets injured off the job or doesn’t get injured at all, but submits a claim against the company’s workers’ compensation policy. Contact your supervisor or Acuity to report this information.

This is a myth we often hear, but rest assured, you are not responsible for just being in an accident. Depending on the circumstances, another party can be solely responsible for an accident.

Yes. The other insurance carrier needs to complete their investigation similar to how we complete ours. If you are uncomfortable with anything they may be asking, please contact us to discuss your concerns. It is your right to refuse a recorded statement to the other person’s insurance carrier.

The claim should be reported to Acuity as soon as practicable or reasonable.

Acuity offers a number of preapproved auto repair shops (PARS). By taking your vehicle to an approved shop, you will save time, reduce paperwork, and the shop guarantees their work. However, you may still choose to use your own repair shop and provide an estimate. On occasion, we may ask for more than one estimate, or we may need to inspect your vehicle.

Our checks state void after 60 days. However, please contact Acuity or your bank to see if the check can be honored past the issued date. If your bank will not accept the check, please notify Acuity and a new payment can be issued.

When filing a collision claim for damage to your own auto, your policy deductible will apply. If someone else is legally responsible for your damage, Acuity will seek reimbursement from the responsible person or their insurance company. We will attempt to recover your deductible and any additional out-of-pocket expenses on your behalf. Once reimbursement is received, your deductible will be forwarded to you.

If you are at fault and cause damage to another person’s property or injure them, a deductible will not apply to that portion of the loss, the portion using your liability coverage. Your deductible only applies to claims made for damage to your vehicle.

The value is determined based upon the vehicle’s options, mileage, and condition.  Your vehicle may be inspected by an Acuity representative.  

Please notify Acuity or your agent immediately. Please submit a copy of the suit papers directly to us. There is a specific timeline in which a response to the lawsuit needs to be filed. In most cases, Acuity will hire an attorney on your behalf. 

Contact the police to report the incident. This is considered a collision loss and your collision deductible applies. We will set up a claim and ask that you get an estimate for your damage.

Your auto policy is strictly for damage to your vehicle. Any personal belongings should be covered under your rental or homeowners coverage. However, please review any endorsements you may have which could provide a limited amount of coverage to your personal property.

Insurance follows the vehicle rather than the driver.  The insurance carrier of the vehicle (or the owner if there is no insurance) has the responsibility for any damages caused by the at-fault vehicle, regardless of who was driving.  If your friends does not have insurance, please contact your agent or Acuity to discuss if your policy may have any applicable coverage.

Insurance follows the vehicle rather than the driver.  It is your responsibility for any damages caused by your vehicle if you had given permissive use of your vehicle to the driver involved in the accident.

The government requires social security numbers in all files in which there is an injury in which Medicare may be involved. Other insurance companies may request this information as well.

Acuity will pay for a rental vehicle depending on the applicable coverage or endorsements on your policy. This is an optional coverage which can be purchased.

To request roadside assistance (including towing, tire changes, jump starts, fuel and fluids delivery, lockouts, and winching), please contact Acuity Roadside Assistance at 866.732.1466.