Frequently Asked Questions

We know insurance can be confusing. To help you make a clear decision when it comes to selecting the right coverage, our insurance experts provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Business insurance


Automatic Payment Options (paid directly from your checking or savings account)

Description Term Length Minimum Premium Required Down Payment % Required Future Payments
Full-Pay 12 None 100%  
4-Pay 12 None 25% 3 equal installments at 90-day intervals
11-Pay (AZ - see below) 12 None 9.1% 10 equal installments at 30-day intervals


Installment Plans (paid by check or money order)

Description Term Length Minimum Premium Required Down Payment % Required Future Payments
2-Pay 12 500 50% 1 installment due in 5 months
3-Pay 12 None 40% 2 equal installments at 30-day intervals
4-Pay 12 1,000 25% 25% in 80 days, 25% in 170 days, and 25% in 260 days
5-Pay 12 401 20% 4 equal installments at 30-day intervals
9-Pay 12 2,501 20% 8 equal installments at 30-day intervals
11-Pay 12 3,000 15% 10 equal installments at 30-day intervals


  • Installment Plans include a $7 service charge per installment (no service charge on down payments for Nebraska, New Hampshire, and Tennessee).
  • An application may be submitted without cash. In this case, policyholders will be billed directly for the down payment.
  • A $25 reactivation fee will be applied to a policy that has lapsed due to nonpayment of premium.
  • A $25 ($20 in Colorado, Idaho, and Utah) fee will be assessed when any premium payment is returned by the bank due to non-sufficient funds (NSF).
  • New business future payment installments assume policy was issued on or before effective date. If policy is issued after the effective date, the number of installments is determined by the number of months remaining in the term.
  • Down payments may be taken from the agency's account, insured's checking/savings account, or insured's credit card and will be withdrawn/charged after a minimum of 48 hours.
  • Automatic Payment Option
  1. No service charge if the Full-Pay option is chosen. Automatic payments withdrawn from checking or savings in installments include a $2 service charge.
  2. For Arizona only, 12-Pay option is available with an 8.3% down payment and 11 equal installments at 30-day intervals. 11-Pay option is not available.
  3. Withdrawals are processed on the effective date of the policy for new business and renewals. Subsequent withdrawals are processed on the anniversary of the effective date as indicated (monthly or quarterly). Choosing withdrawal date is not an option.
  4. At renewal, thirteen days notice (30 days for Tennessee) is given before the first withdrawal is processed for the item.
  5. To enroll, complete the Commercial Lines Automatic Payment Option Authorization (S-623CL) form.



New business, renewals, audits, and endorsements billed in full to the monthly agency statement, unless Agency Bill Deferred selected.


Agency Bill Deferred

Description Term Length Minimum Premium Required Down Payment % Required Future Payments
2-Pay 12 1,000 50% 1 installment due in 6 months
4-Pay 12 1,000 25% 3 equal installments at 90-day intervals
10-Pay 12 1,000 15% 9 equal installments at 30-day intervals
  • All installments include a $7 service charge per installment (no service charge on down payments for Nebraska and Tennessee).
  • Minimum premium of $2,000 required.
  • Minimum of $1,000 per installment required.
  • Down payment must be paid in the month the policy is effective or processed, whichever is later.
  • Future premium charges and additions including audit and reporting form premiums will be billed to the agency account in the usual manner. These amounts may not be deferred.

General liability protects your business against another’s claim of bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage arising out of your operations, your premises, or your products. Professional liability provides protection for similar claims arising out of specific professional services.

No. There is no coverage for data breach, cyber liability, or identity theft. Learn more about the Acuity Cyber Suite.

Unfortunately, this is not a simple answer. Your general liability policy provides coverage if your business does not sell, manufacture or furnish alcoholic beverages. A business that sells beer, wine, or liquor, such as a bar, restaurant or liquor store, would need to purchase a separate liquor liability policy.

The special form provides the most comprehensive coverage available. Each coverage situation is unique—your agent would be able to help you decide which cause of loss form is best for your situation. 

Sewer backup coverage is not provided under the standard property policy. You can obtain coverage with the Acuity water backup and sump overflow endorsement.

Acuity’s full building coverage endorsement ensures your building limits are high enough.

Not everyone is eligible for Bis-Pak®, but you should check it out if you are. Bis-Pak® automatically includes business income coverage, seasonal variations in your contents coverage, computer coverage, and much more. 

Yes, Acuity loves truckers and motor carriers. Our in-house trucking expert helps us understand truckers' needs, but also writes blogs, newsletters, and other material to help you with all aspects of your trucking business!

Yes, we make all required filings quickly to get or keep you on the road.

Yes, as long as the vehicles is identified as one that employees are allowed to use during off-business hours.

Many personal auto policies exclude coverage for business use; however, there are options to add a personal vehicle to a business policy. Make sure your agent knows of your business use, and he or she will be able to advise you on the right direction to take.

Many different factors affect workers' compensation premiums. Because some businesses are more dangerous than others, their employees have a higher risk of getting hurt. For example, manufacturing businesses generally have higher work comp premiums than offices. Location is also important as benefits can vary by states. 


An employer’s past claim experience may also be taken into account when determining cost. If they are large enough, employers may be assigned an E-Mod which reflects their accident history compared to others in the same industry. Acuity has the tools and experience to help your company improve it’s E-Mod. If you want to learn more about E-Mods check out our video.

Acuity workers’ compensation claims representative will work with you to formulate an individualized return-to-work plan, understanding each employee has different needs. A very important aspect of a return to work plan is  to establish light duty job tasks so your employee is able to be productive while recovering from the work injury.

Some businesses are not able to obtain coverage through a private carrier due to the nature of the business they peform or because of a negative claims history. Many states have created a residual market for employers for just this reason. Your insurance agent may be able to help you apply for this type of state-run plan.

Creating a culture of safety  is important to your employees’ health and your bottom line. You will attract more conscientious candidates leading to a better qualified workforce and less employee turnover. You will also save money on your workers’ compensation premium. Acuity has many resources to help your company improve its safety culture.  

No. The commercial excess liability coverage fits like a glove over and provides the same coverage as the liability coverage you schedule. Additional insured coverage in the underlying policy that is primary and noncontributory requires an endorsement to track the underlying coverage.

You can purchase increased limits as part of the commercial excess liability policy.

Acuity can provide almost any limit you might need.

One advantage of a package policy is you have a single bill for all your Acuity coverages. If you have seperate policies for workers’ compensation, business owners, and auto, you could have three bills.

Yes, you may cancel a line of insurance and keep the remaining insurance in an Acuity commercial package policy.

There are several key differences to be aware of. Bis-Pak® automatically includes business income coverage, computer coverage, and no coinsurance penalty, and 25% automatic increase for seasonal variations in your contents.

Sometimes you are asked to provide additional insured coverage to a business because of an agreement you have with them. They are asking for this because it gives them additional rights.

Special endorsements or policies are required to provide coverage for any professional liability lawsuits you may face.

Equipment breakdown coverage protects refrigeration, air conditioning, electrical, communication, computer, and other systems due to electrical or mechanical breakdown.

Yes. Bis-Pak® automatically insures computers for the additional electrical and mechanical breakdown exposures they face wherever they are located.

Absolutely! Just let us know you need it taken care of, and we will get right to it.

Insurers have covered cargo carried on ships for hundreds of years. Once the cargo landed across the ocean, insurers continued to provide coverage for the cargo while it was transported on land to it's final destination and inland marine coverage was born.

That depends on why you have the property. We offer warehouse liability if you provide storage space, bailee coverage if you are working on the property (like a dry cleanerL, and more, including coverage for machine tools and dies owned by others that you are using.

Sometimes good people do bad things, we know you’ve chosen your employees carefully but the fact remains that almost 90% of all theft losses involve employees.  Employee Theft protects you against theft losses caused your employees.

Yes! Cyber liability offers an enhanced coverage package that includes costs to recreate your data, loss of business income, public relations services, and third-part coverage for breach of data affecting another business that is connected to yours.

Data breach coverage includes data that is stored on paper such as applications to rent an apartment or employment applications.

The eRiskHub® portal gives you access to resources such as a risk assessment survey, tools to estimate the anticipated cost of a breach, a learning center with articles, white papers, and webinars, as well as a news center so you can keep up with the latest cyber news.

Once you've purchase any coverage that is part of the Acuity Cyber Suite, you just need to login to, go to the cyber suite resources page and look for the eRiskHub® banner. 

Some of the equipment covered includes:

  • Telephones
  • Computers
  • Bar-code scanners
  • Cash registers
  • Restaurant point-of-sale systems
  • Security and alarm systems
  • Generators, fans, motors, compressors, and pumps
  • Computer controlled equipment
  • Fax machines, copiers, and printers
  • Pay-at –the-pump machines
  • Heating and air conditioning equipment
  • Boilers and pressure vessels

Equipment breakdown is usually associated with a sudden event that causes operation to cease. Wear and tear occurs over time. 

Coverage does not apply for that situation. However, if an accident results, coverage applies for the loss, damage, or expense caused by the accident.

If multiple pieces of equipment fail at the same time, it will be considered a single event for claims purposes. That’s good news for you, as your deductible would only be applied once.

Warranties and service contracts do not cover many of the causes of equipment breakdown. For example, Acuity’s equipment breakdown coverage protects you from damage due to operator error.  Additionally, loss of income, spoilage, and data restoration are three coverages provided by Acuity’s equipment breakdown coverage that you would not see in a warranty or service contract.

If your employee calls M.A.S.H., the nurse will report the incident to Acuity automatically.

By addressing a case when it first occurs, a quick and accurate care plan can be made.  This often prevents an unnecessary emergency room visit, keeping your medical costs down and your Experience Mod in check.

The nurse will immediately refer your employee to an appropriate provider for further treatment.

No – there is no additional charge for loss control representatives to visit a customer’s location.

Our reps have an average of 27 years experience. Loss control reps have a bachelors degree in safety and certifications such as an associate in risk management and certified safety professional.  Some are also authorized OSHA outreach trainers.

Check out the links above to check out official safety and regulation websites.

Use the link and serach the site for the fire protection related information that you need.