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At Acuity, we understand your industry and the challenges you face as well as the opportunities and benefits of being a business owner. Helping you succeed and meet your unique insurance needs is a key focus of our company and a large part of my job here at Acuity. I am Sarah, Mercantile Segment Specialist here at Acuity.

Sarah B. is our Mercantile guru

Sarah B. came to Acuity this year with a background in retail. She studied Interior Architecture in college and completed an online business education program through Harvard Business School. She also has a wide range of commercial insurance experience and has earned her Associate in General Insurance (AINS), Associate in Insurance Services (AIS), and Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) designations. This made her the perfect addition to the Acuity Mercantile team. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would return to Italy. She spent three weeks there during college studying architecture and design and has wanted to go back ever since.

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While it isn’t mandatory, it is recommended for safety purposes. A bathroom log not only assigns cleaning tasks, but also creates a culture of responsible safety practices. If water or soap is left on the floor, employees or customers could slip and get seriously injured.

A sick leave policy is important for two reasons. First, if your employees come to work ill, they may get other employees and customers sick, spreading illness and creating staffing and service issues for your business. Second, it is a way for you to let your employees know you care for their health and respect them, which will help improve their morale and performance.

We all hope that a crisis never happens, but the truth is they do happen. If you are unprepared, a crisis can easily lead to loss of your business. Make plans to ensure you and your employees are prepared for a fire, tornado, or other unforeseen event. That way, if a crisis does happen, it will be less chaotic and recovery will be more efficient.


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    • Sharing isn’t just something we teach our kids in grade school—it has taken over our culture and examples of the sharing economy are everywhere. The sharing economy is an economic model in which people share resources with each other as part of a peer-to-peer network. This is also known as a collaborative or peer economy. Collaborative customers want to use the tool without buying it, have a ride without paying for the car, and have access to the dress for the one day they need it.
    • At the beginning of the season, winter weather can seem fun, or sometimes even magical. But after that feeling wears off, surviving winter can be wearing—especially if it points out issues such as leaky gutters, gaps in door jambs, or slippery surfaces. As every business owner knows, it’s best to fix these issues as soon as they are noticed to prevent additional damage and accidents.
    • No one wants to be inspected—but it is a necessary evil in the restaurant business. The word inspection means “careful examination or scrutiny,” and that scrutiny can make it feel like the inspector is searching for flaws and errors to set you up for failure.

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    • Sarah B.

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