Here at Acuity, we understand the challenges facing the manufacturing industry. Our in-house manufacturing consultant's focus is on helping you overcome those challenges and find success in your industry.


Meet Mike, our manufacturing consultant


I have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing. Starting with an apprenticeship in Germany, I’ve worked my way through a variety of positions within the manufacturing field. I got my start as a tool and die maker. I later became supervisor of a class A tool room and then manager of a machining department. I was exposed to lean manufacturing in the mid 90s and adopted the lean philosophy. Loving and teaching the lean approach, I moved on to become a continuous improvement manager, which led to a job as a manufacturing manager.


I joined Acuity in 2015 as their manufacturing consultant. My priority is to evolve how manufacturers deal with and think about insurance companies and act as a resource for my fellow employees—enabling them to better understand the unique needs of manufacturers.


Examples of services provided to Acuity customers 

  • Improved customer cycle-time, reducing times from 52 minutes to 21 minutes.
  • Aided in the implementation of the world-class predictive maintenance system.
  • Identified core issues with the supply chain and recommended improvements.
  • Implemented lean manufacturing practices and procedures (from 5S to value-stream mapping).
  • Conducted business review to identify process improvements and opportunities using lean methodology.


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Manufacturing questions for Mike?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is finding its way into manufacturing. Machine maintenance—especially predictive maintenance (PdM)—will benefit greatly from this technology, with improved accuracy and real-time updates. New sensor technology, big data, and analytics have improved CBM (condition-based maintenance) effectiveness. Potential breakdowns can now be predicted within minutes allowing operations and maintenance teams to be more proactive.


A safety tool that has found great acceptance and is being used widely within the manufacturing sector is exoskeletons, which range from full body suits to small add-ons like shoulder or arm support to eliminate repetitive motion injuries. New exoskeletons are so customizable that they can easily be user adjusted as well as job and task specific, which should help reduce workers’ compensation issues.

At Acuity, we take your business as seriously as we take ours. I have decades of manufacturing experience and stay up to date on issues and technologies. We attend trade shows and interact daily with the industry. We know manufacturing and want to partner with you and help you achieve continued success in your business.

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, has found wide applications within manufacturing. Over the last few years, it has become more than a prototype tool. The list of material that can now be “printed” ranges from plastics to a variety of metals, ceramics, and carbon fiber. This makes 3D printing even more versatile than most predicted even a few years ago. We are also seeing hybrid machines within manufacturing that have combined traditional subtractive machining, the removal of material, with the additive capability of 3D printing. Hybrid machines have increased capabilities and efficiencies unlike anything we have seen since CNC machines become the new machining standard.

Lean is about adding value to the product and focuses on removing waste from the manufacturing process. It starts with simple workplace organization, like 5S and the identification and elimination of the eight types of waste. Lean is not one simple thing—it is a culture in which everyone is empowered and focused on continuous improvement. Lean is as critical, even in today’s modern manufacturing, as it was when it started. It should be the foundation of any successful manufacturing operation.


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Acuity is active in several leading national and regional manufacturing associations. We provide specialized training to all our underwriters, loss control representatives, and claims adjusters, so they can give you the support you s a manufacturer need and deserve.


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