7 Reasons To Sell The Need of a Real Estate Agent
Posted by Dana B on February 15, 2019 in Real Estate Agents

As a real estate professional, you are aware of the importance and benefits of a buyer or seller working with an agent. Unfortunately, with more and more services available to assist buyers and sellers with completing real estate transactions on their own, it’s becoming more difficult to market the value of your services. Below are some selling points you can use to reinforce the importance of having an agent.


Unlisted Inventory

This one applies more to buyers than to sellers. Leverage a buyer’s FOMO—fear of missing out. In a fast-moving market, a buyer may struggle to find the home they want in time to make an offer before it’s gone. With an agent, a buyer may have access to pocket listings, target markets, buyer tours, quiet sales, and other niches only agents are privy to.


Quiet Sales

Selling a home often inconveniences the owner. Add to the idea of having an agent with a quiet sale dialogue. Start by saying something like, “If you’re interested in a quiet sale, you could avoid some of the hassles of listing your home. I am actively showing my qualified buyers homes over the coming weekends.” This may appeal to sellers and lead them to work with you.



You will act as a liaison between buyers and sellers. Not only do you have easy access to properties listed by other agents, but you know all the steps involved in prepping, listing, selling, buying, and viewing homes. What has become an efficient process to you, can be tedious to an unrepresented buyer or seller. Telephone calls, paperwork, emails, and no-show appointments are all parts of the process that a buyer or seller may not initially realize. Make this point clear to potential clients.



The contracts involved with the buying and selling process can be daunting to someone who is not used to them. They are not overwhelming to you as you deal with the same contracts and conditions on a regular basis. Give the client peace of mind that contracts will be handled seamlessly by you and your real estate team. 


Negotiation Without Emotion

Some people think they want direct negotiation between the buyer and seller, believing it’s more transparent and allows both parties to look after their best interests. However, this assumes the buyer and seller are reasonable and able to get along, which does not always end up being the case.


A buyer and seller may have strong opinions about the home, and often their opinions don’t align! As an agent, you can be the messenger and convey any concerns. You are likely in a better position to negotiate a discount without getting caught up in emotions.


You are also better equipped to handle tough transactions and smooth over uncomfortable situations that may occur in the buying and selling process. When meeting with potential clients, make them aware of potential hurdles that may come up along the way if they choose to go through the process alone.


Connections and Networking

You probably have many connections within the community for services needed when buying or selling a home. Clients may not realize they need the services of home inspectors, appraisers, stagers, landscapers, and more. It can be nerve-racking to hire people for this work when you aren’t sure who is good and who isn't—especially when you're crunched for time. Advise clients that you have a solid network of highly reputable and professional service providers to recommend to them if needed. 


Trustworthy Partner

Show that there is value in the relationship of an agent now and in the future. A potential client doesn’t always try to go without an agent for cost savings—sometimes they don't know if they can trust that an agent is working with their best interests in mind. Your initial job is to understand the client and show them you’re going to be a trustworthy partner in the process. Ensure they know you are a resource they can rely on now and when they may need to buy and/or sell in the future. 



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Dana B
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