Tips to Organize Your Closet
Posted by Addie B. on April 9, 2019 in Home Focus

It may seem like an oxymoron that a media streaming service that people binge watch for hours is also inspiring the trend to get ambitious about cleaning and removing clutter, but that is exactly what is happening. While we have shared tips in the past about other spaces in your home, today we want to talk about closets—you know, those areas in your home you pack full and close the door when you “clean” the living room. The secret is out!


  1. Have a plan. To best structure your closet space, you should develop an organizational plan. You could buy the best closet system on the market, but if it doesn’t work with your wardrobe, it won’t do much good. Take inventory of what you have and go from there.
  2. Shed the excess. This might be the most important and most difficult task in organization. The best way to turn a chaotic closet into an organized closet is to get rid of things you no longer need. If you are doing a full closet reboot, it might be best to pull everything out and only put back the things you need. Many people use the one-year rule—if you haven’t worn or used something in a year, it is time to part ways. Donation is a good way to pass on gently used items.
  3. Maximize your space. Closet space can come at a premium, so it is important to make the most of every inch. Shelves on the floor can store shoes or toys and additional rods or hooks can create more hanging options.


We never said it would be fun—we just said it would be worth it. Happy organizing!

Addie B.
Addie has a wide range of personal insurance experience and with her position at Acuity, has been able to specialize in homeowners insurance. On top of her homeowners insurance knowledge, Addie has a good understanding of the insurance industry in general. She focuses on the consumer allowing her to play a key role in product development. Also, she is currently working towards an Associate in General Insurance designation. In her free time Addie spends time outdoors and enjoys playing and watching sports.

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