Tips to Keep Your House Warm
Posted by Addie B. on December 6, 2019 in Home Focus

While not everyone lives in an area that gets snow and freezing temperatures, even warm areas can have cool days. Here are some cost-saving ways to make your home feel a little warmer when the temperatures dip and you're looking for a little extra warmth.


  • Flip the ceiling fan so it pushes warm air down into your living area. Remember, hot air rises.
  • Let the sun shine in during the day. The sun can boost the warmth of the room as well as our attitudes. Be sure to close blinds and curtains in the evening, so you don’t lose heat to drafty windows.
  • Adjust vents so rooms that are used less frequently don't get as much heat. Closing vents in unused spaces will allow more warm air to enter the rooms you are using. Also, make sure you do not block vents with large furniture.
  • Check the humidity in your home during the colder months. Dry air often feels cooler than moist air. Your home should be around 30-40% humidity for maximum comfort. Leaving the bathroom door open while showering is an easy way to make the house feel warmer and less dry.
  • Harness the heat from appliances that have been turned off and are cooling down. While you should NEVER use the oven to heat your home, you can leave the door open once it is off to allow the heat to disperse into the kitchen.
  • Check ducts and filters to make sure you are allowing your furnace to operate efficiently. A dirty furnace filter is a common cause of heating troubles.


You could also turn the heat up a few degrees, but we think the above are some easy ways to make your home or apartment feel a little warmer without hitting the wallet.


What are some easy and efficient ways you keep your house warm during the colder months?



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