The Internet of Things Is More Than Entertainment
Posted by Addie B. on August 13, 2019 in Home Focus

IoT—how can three letters sound so complicated? Well, fortunately, it doesn’t have to. IoT stands for Internet of Things or connected technology. If you have an app on your smartphone to monitor something at home, you are taking advantage of IoT.


The cool thing is IoT isn't just for playing your favorite song or turning on the lights. It can also be used to monitor your home and keep your family safe. This blog will focus on water, theft, and fire applications.


  • Water. Sensors are available to detect a potential water leak and some even to allow you to remotely shut off the home water supply. While leak detection is a good start and can help prevent a leak from becoming a bigger problem, the shutoff option is even better.
  • Theft. Home security systems aren’t necessarily going out of style, they are just becoming more accessible to the average homeowner. Whether through cameras that monitor the front door or motion sensors in the home, IoT is allowing for a build-your-own home security system. Many manufacturers are marketing to that claim and provide bundled sensors to get you started.
  • Fire. While working smoke detectors are required in building codes, they don't do you much good if no one is around to hear them. With advanced in-home technology, there are now smart smoke and CO2 detectors. When these devices are triggered, an alert is sent to your phone via the app. This notification could provide critical reaction time in the event of a fire.


In addition, many home insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners for using these technologies. Check with your insurance agent for eligibility. 


For more information, see our Top Gadgets to Smarten Up Your Home blog.

Addie B.
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