7 Tips To Stay Safe While Mowing the Lawn
Posted by Addie B. on June 19, 2019 in Home Focus

The sound of a chorus of lawn mowers running might be common in your neighborhood this time of year. As one yard is trimmed and looking good, everyone seems eager to join in, so they aren’t the one house with a jungle growing. Before you start your lawn mower, there are a few safety items to think about.


  1. Wear closed-toe shoes. No matter how small the job may be, it is always a good idea to make sure your feet are fully covered when you are operating the lawn mower. Even if you are on a riding lawn mower, you may have to hop off for something unexpected.
  2. Ear protection. While this might not be a major safety concern, prolonged exposure to loud sounds can impact hearing, so put your headphones on or some ear plugs in before you get going.
  3. Be vigilant of others and pets. While you are working in your yard, it is possible your family is out enjoying the weather. It is important to know where everyone is and to keep them a safe distance from where you are mowing. If items are hidden in the grass, they could shoot out of the lawn mower discharge and cause significant harm.
  4. Eye protection. This one may be more applicable when you are doing the final touches with the trimmer, but we'll count it since it involves cutting grass. When using your trimmer, be sure your eyes are fully covered and protected from any flying objects. Safety glasses—or even sunglasses—are easy to acquire and use.
  5. Be careful on hills and slopes. It probably goes without saying that if you’ve been in your home for a while, you are aware of the geography of your yard. More than that though, it is important to be conscious of the risks of mowing on a hill and the potential of slipping. Hills can introduce the risk of either having a mower tip onto you or cause you to slip under a moving (and very sharp!) blade.
  6. Perform regular maintenance. With any sort of power equipment, it is important to perform regular maintenance and check for loose bolts or safety shields. Making sure your mower is in good operating condition is a first step toward safe operation.
  7. Keep hands and feet away from the blade. I’d like to think this one is a no-brainer, but it has to be said—DO NOT EVER STICK A BODY PART ANYWHERE NEAR A MOVING BLADE! Even if the blade isn’t actively moving, don’t use your appendages if you want to keep them. Use a stick or other item to remove the clog.


We are looking forward to the fun and festivities the warmer weather brings and want you to be safe in your everyday tasks, so you can enjoy them too!





Addie B.
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