5 Dorm Room Hacks
Posted by Addie B. on August 6, 2019 in Home Focus

Moving into a dorm for the first time? Before you get stressed out about sharing a small space with another person, here are a few dorm room tricks you can use to make the transition a little easier.


  1. Raise the beds. Most colleges allow students to rent loft systems that fit the configurations of their dorm room setups. Doing this allows you to place desks, dressers, or futons underneath, giving you more flexibility and space. If a loft isn’t your style, there are also risers you can place on the legs of the bed to create enough space for storage underneath.
  2. Maximize closet space. By using soda can tabs to connect and cascade hangers, you can create additional hanging space in your closet. You can also maximize vertical space by using on-door organizers for towels, shoes, etc.
  3. Get creative. While you might not be able to fit your entire wardrobe in your dresser (you don’t have to take everything!), you might find room for an extra T-shirt or two if you get creative in how you place your clothes. Try rolling your shirts or placing items vertically in drawers instead of stacking.
  4. Organize your workspace. Use desk organizers, shelves, or cubbies to keep all your schoolwork and supplies neat. You don’t need added clutter or stress when you're looking for a highlighter when studying for a midterm.
  5. Stick to the essentials. While it is important to personalize your home away from home, try to keep it reasonable. There are certainly décor items you can add, but don't overcrowd your space.


The transition to college can be overwhelming, but life in the dorm doesn’t have to be difficult. Do you have any dorm room tips or tricks you’d like to share?






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